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Seven Things Catholics Should Know about Suicide

So many people live with the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. I rarely go for even a week without receiving a letter, an email, or a phone call from someone who has just lost a family member to suicide. In virtually every case, there is a corresponding sorrow that there really isn’t a lot of material out there, religious or secular, to help console those left bereaved. Those left behind literally gasp for human and theological oxygen.
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Wounded Healers

They're everywhere. In this age of COVID-19, of worry and sickness, of paralyzing fear and deepening sadness, these brave souls can be found on the front lines: wounded healers. I am one myself. It all began with a single book.
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Straight Talk about Suicide

It’s the 10th overall leading cause of death in the United States. Yet few of us know much about it, and fewer of us talk about it. Author and spiritual leader Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, has been speaking and preaching about suicide for decades.
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