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Seven Things Catholics Should Know about Suicide

So many people live with the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. I rarely go for even a week without receiving a letter, an email, or a phone call from someone who has just lost a family member to suicide. In virtually every case, there is a corresponding sorrow that there really isn’t a lot of material out there, religious or secular, to help console those left bereaved. Those left behind literally gasp for human and theological oxygen.
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Finding Light in the Darkness

Because my father was the parent who slept lightly, he was the one we awakened if we felt sick or troubled in the middle of the night. There was always a soft night light glowing by the radio in the kitchen, and I’d find my way to the kitchen table while my father set about making two cups of tea. As we waited for the water to boil he would open the back door and look out at the night sky. 
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Wounded Healers

They're everywhere. In this age of COVID-19, of worry and sickness, of paralyzing fear and deepening sadness, these brave souls can be found on the front lines: wounded healers. I am one myself. It all began with a single book.
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We Are In the Presence of God

There are many writers whose work I admire, and among them is First Nation Canadian writer Richard Wagamese. In his book One Story, One Song, one of the chapters is called “Impossible Blue.” In it, the author describes “a special shade of blue that appears where the sun meets the horizon every morning.
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Calling Out to God

This blog was supposed to be about something completely different. I had planned on writing about recognizing the many blessings in our lives. But on the day that I sat down to write it, I got word that someone I had known for most of my life had died the previous day in a car wreck. Like so many other people in my life, we had reconnected through Facebook. At the time of her death, she was in the midst of undergoing treatment for cancer. She had gotten married just a few weeks before the wreck. It wasn’t fair.
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Encountering Darkness, Rising from Grief

I ask the dark, have you come for my heart? I stand at their gravesides in the blue dress someone found for me to wear. The sleeves are stiff, irritating the tender skin of my empty arms. I watch. I am a girl in a dress the color of the sky, and all that remains from the threshing floor of my life are the names of things.
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Facing Grief During the Holidays

“Make a plan.” That’s what I was told when I asked a friend for some advice about facing the holidays after my husband and daughter were killed in a drunken driving accident. I asked the question because I felt completely lost. It was hard to face any day, let alone a holiday. I had no idea how I would manage a season of joy. Pain and confusion were my reality, not happiness. 
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Courage in Christ

Image: Volkan Ölmez. My great niece died of a cerebral stroke this past weekend. There were no symptoms or warnings; she just collapsed. The best doctors could not save her life. Anna was a freshman at a Catholic high school in Cincinnati. Naturally, all her peers and friends are distraught. Her parents and her brother are just inconsolable. All of our families are in shock, as are all of Anna’s friends and teachers. What a bright, talented young lady Anna was. She played in the band at the all-boys high school in the same area of town, and was loved by all the students of both schools. She had a bright future and an outstanding personality.
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