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Who Are We Before God?

“As we stand before the Lord,” Friar Frank Jasper says, “it doesn't matter what the color of our skin is or if we're rich or poor.” All that matters is what's in our hearts. What's most important is our own unique individuality.  
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A Franciscan Response to Bullying

School is in session across the country—and that means bullying will be back in full swing. Friar Roger Lopez, a religion teacher at a Franciscan  high school, has a response to those who harm others: "There's no place for bullying the kingdom of God."  Enjoy this Franciscan response to bullying!
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Our Quest for Peace

There’s nothing like an election to divide people. I remember a number of political discussions and arguments in my family. We were a divided house when elections approached. Mom worked for the Republicans and Dad was a Democrat. I remember a couple of heated arguments around our house which ended with a terse, “My vote cancels yours.” Still, my family had a sense of the common good. 
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