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Finding Saints Francis and Clare

The Swiss Air flight from Zurich to Rome is the last stretch on a journey that’s proven one thing: I am simply not built for long flights. I’m taller than average: long on legs, short on tolerance for tight spaces. Sleep is impossible and sitting still for hours is a chore. It’s my mind, though, that is my true adversary: Every time I’m in the air, Don McLean’s “American Pie” plays in my head like a cerebral iPod with a grudge. But all fears and discomfort vanish as our airplane descends over a spectacular Italian wheat field ablaze with a gold I have never seen. I know I’m not in Cincinnati anymore.
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Through the Door of the Dead with Clare of Assisi

In addition to spiritual resources, Franciscan Media publishes inspirational Christian fiction. Below is an excerpt from The Mystery at Midnight, a novel for children ages 7-10 by Lisa M. Hendey. In this tale, a modern-day girl named Katie travels through time to meet Clare of Assisi just as she decides to leave her family and commit her life to Christ. 
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Beginning Again with Saint Francis of Assisi

“Let us begin to do good, for as yet we have done little.” Saint Francis of Assisi Francis spoke these words at a time when most people already considered him a saint. In his mind, there was no plateau in life where he could feel he had “made it” and could coast into heaven from then on.
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