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What Drew Me to the Franciscans

For Roger Lopez, OFM, his road to the Franciscans wasn't paved with struggle or strife—it was paved with food. After his meal with the friars was over, he noticed how the brothers immediately began working together to wash dishes, put away food, and clean the kitchen. In those simple acts, Friar Roger saw the makings of a family, a family he wanted to join.
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8 Catholic Books Recommended by Franciscan Friars

It probably goes without saying that at Franciscan Media, we love Catholic books! The priests who work alongside us love books too, so we asked a few of them what books they would recommend to Catholics and why. Here are some of their recommendations.
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Young People Answer God's Call

Documentary series NBC Left Field has come out with a video showcasing the Franciscan life. The 8-minute film, part of the "Extraordinary Humans" series, features young members of religious communities, including Fr. Richard Goodin of the Franciscan Province of St. John the Baptist.
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Franciscan Corner: Where the Friars Meet the People

In the mid-1800s, Bishop Purcell recruited Franciscans from the Tyrol region of Austria to come to Cincinnati to serve. And in the ensuing century, they have revitalized a struggling community.
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Father Mychal Judge: Franciscan Hero on 9/11

Many of us are familiar with Father Mychal Judge, OFM, a member of the Holy Name Province based in New York City. Father Mychal worked with homeless people and AIDS patients. A recovering alcoholic, he also devoted much time to recovering addicts. The role for which he is best remembered is chaplain to the New York City Fire Department.
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