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Saint Francis of Assisi: Reformer, True Son of the Church

Encircling the choir of our college chapel in Southfield, Michigan, were the words of Julian of Speyer, taken from an antiphon he wrote for the Divine Office for the Solemnity of Saint Francis, which began: Franciscus vir catholicus et totus apostolicus (Francis, a catholic and totally apostolic man). I saw those words often as I began my Franciscan formation, but I had no idea what they meant. But they must have impressed me since I remembered them all these years.
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Saint Francis And the Taming of the Wolf

The story of how Saint Francis of Assisi tamed the Wolf of Gubbio is one of the great legends linked with the life of the saint. I have never been too worried as to whether the story was historically true or not. I am more interested in seeing how the story fits into the pattern of biblical themes and of God’s plans for creation. In this well-known legend, Saint Francis goes to the Italian town of Gubbio, where a fierce wolf had been terrorizing the village and even killing some of the people, including children.
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Saint Francis and His Canticle

As a Franciscan friar for over 60 years, I am very familiar with the stories of Saint Francis of Assisi and animals. Many of you no doubt are familiar with the story of this brown-robed friar preaching to the birds. Or maybe that of his releasing Brother Rabbit from a trap, or letting Sister Raven serve as his "alarm clock" to awaken him for early morning prayers.
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The Gospels According to Saint Francis

Recall the three texts that Saint Francis read when he went to the Church of Saint Nicholas with Brother Bernard, and opened the Bible three times. The order in which the texts appeared is Matthew 19:21, then Luke 9:3, and then Matthew 16:24.
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The Mercy of Saint Francis

Many people focus on characteristics such as voluntary poverty or care for creation when considering the life and model of Saint Francis of Assisi. I often wish that, just as regularly, they would notice the theme of mercy that frequently appears in his writing. This is a theme that has become even more important as Pope Francis has dedicated much of his teaching and ministry to showing the compassionate and merciful face of God in the world. 
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Was Saint Francis a Poet?

A little-known fact about Saint Francis of Assisi is that he is considered one of the first Italian poets by literary critics. His “Canticle of the Creatures” combined his love for God with his mastery of poetry.
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Take Nothing for the Journey: Living with Less on Pilgrimage in Assisi

I turned away from the lost-and-found baggage counter at the airport in Rome. Over the course of the last two and-a-half hours, it had become clear that if my suitcase was anywhere in the airport, no one could tell me exactly where that might be. I had waited in line for over an hour, been shown into a room full of unclaimed bags and asked if mine was among them (it wasn't), then waited in line again to file a report. 
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Casey Cole, OFM, on the Franciscan Spirit

  What is it about the Franciscan spirit that draws so many people in? Br. Casey Cole, OFM, says it's an unmistakable sense of family that makes it so appealing. And Saint Francis wouldn't have it any other way. "Francis wanted everybody to live this life," Br. Casey says. "He wanted people to live the Gospel." In this week's Friar Friday video, Br. Casey delves deeper into the Franciscan spirit and how it enriches the faith lives of those it touches.
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5 Books on Catholic Saints to Read This Year

  If your New Year's resolution is to pay more attention to your spiritual life, then let the saints be your guide! These 5 books offer inspiration from Catholic saints to help you deepen your practices of prayer and virtue.
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Helping Brother Leo

Brother Leo was one of Francis’ first followers and closest companions, especially in the last years of Francis’ life. We have several letters from Francis to groups of people. His letter to Leo is one of only two letters to individuals.
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