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Bridging the Digital Divide

The other night I was working in our upstairs office when I got an instant message on the computer from Mark--who was just downstairs watching TV--asking me to check something in the office for him. Now mind you, we don’t live in a 14-story house where it would be quite an endeavor for him to hike all the way up to the office and check on whatever it was he needed. No, it is one flight of stairs--18 steps to be exact.
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The Chime Travelers Series Arrives!

Lisa M. Hendey, founder and editor of, give us a glimpse into her new Chime Travelers books, published by Servant. When the bells chime, get ready for adventure and fun as you join Katie and Patrick on their travels back in time to far-distant lands. The mysterious strangers they meet along the way turn out to be saints of old who become close friends who help our young travelers understand their faith a little better. Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Be ready when you hear the bells chime.
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Guiding Teens Into Christian Maturity

The following is an excerpt from the book What Teens Want You to Know But Won’t Tell You by Roy Petitfils. Teens want and need adults to be grounded in being adults. When your goal is to be liked by young people you risk losing sight of the bigger goal, which is to journey with them into Christian maturity. Secondly, you’ll lose the respect of teens, which is worth a lot more than being liked. The key to effectively reaching them and deepening our relationships with them is not by trying to be their friend, but by being friendly, authentic, and respectful to them while maintaining healthy boundaries as an adult.
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