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Pope Francis and the Blessing of Family: Wisdom in Our Homes

When a mother takes her child aside and gently reproves him, saying: “Don’t do this, because…” and explains with great patience, is this the wisdom of God? Yes! It is what the Holy Spirit gives us in life!
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Mothers Unite!

I have an announcement to make: My kids are not perfect. They never have been; they never will be. They throw fits, argue with one another, cop attitudes, and don’t always listen very well. They’re kids. And I love them more than anything.
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Everyday Mercy

A few weeks ago, I was sitting with my dad in his room at the retirement home when I noticed that he kept scratching his leg. I grabbed some lotion, knelt on the ground in front of him, and rubbed the lotion on his legs. When I was done, he relaxed back into his chair and said, “Thanks. That feels so much better.”
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