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Live the Eucharist: A Reflection for Epiphany

We are still joyfully celebrating the Christmas season even as we begin a new year and a new month. And the Christmas season, in all its mystery and joy, is a wonderful time to ponder this most fundamental dimension of our faith—the blessed Eucharist—the “source and summit” of our lives as Christians. It is, after all, the life of Christ that we celebrate and consume in the Blessed Sacrament.
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Saint Francis and the Eucharist

Saint Francis of Assisi’s life is a study in contrasts. He is admired the world over, yet he’s a hard one to neatly categorize. Born into great wealth, the young Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone stripped himself, literally, of all material affluence to embrace “lady poverty.” 
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Eucharist: The Promise of Life

As Catholics, we consider the Eucharist to be one of the most significant and important doctrines of our faith. But it is much more than a doctrine, written in a theology book. Our relationship with the Eucharist is one of the central experiences of our lives. It’s not just another teaching we can learn about. It is indeed our divine food for our journey on Earth and something we cannot imagine being without. It’s personal: The Eucharist is Jesus in the consecrated bread and wine.
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The Eucharist: An Ongoing Sacrament

I like to eat. Or, rather, I like to dine. There’s a difference I am told, and I like the distinction. We eat to stay alive. So, most often, breakfast and lunch are a matter of eating—my main goal is to take in the necessary nourishment to stay alive. But supper is different. Then I prefer to dine, because I enjoy gathering with my community or going out with family or friends to share life together over a meal. There is conversation and friendship, as well as food and drink. It becomes an experience that is more than just fulfilling a biological need. It becomes a social event.
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