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Homily Helps: The Eyes of Faith

Exegesis of the Gospel: Mk 10:46–52 In the Gospel of Mark the disciples do not grasp the true identity of Jesus. After having Jesus predict his passion three times and the disciples misunderstand what he is saying or why he is saying it, Mark closes that section of the Gospel with a story of a blind man who sees with the eyes of faith. 
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Homily Helps: Leadership and Service

Exegesis of the Gospel: Mark 9:30-37 Today’s Gospel contains a response of the disciples to Jesus’ third and final passion prediction (Mk 10:32–34).
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Homily Helps: Wealth and the Kingdom of God

Exegesis of the Gospel: Mark 9:30-37 This week's Gospel consists of three passages all focusing on the topic of wealth and the kingdom of God. Traditionally, wealth was understood by Judaism as a sign of God’s blessing.
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Homily Helps: Discipleship Means Serving Others

Exegesis: Mark 9:30-37 Today’s Gospel highlights the second of three passion predictions Jesus proclaims in the midst of his disciples.
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Homily Helps: Have Faith in Jesus

Exegesis of the Gospel: John 6:60-69 This week's Gospel focuses on the responses of different people in the Johannine community to what Jesus presented in his bread of life discourse. Overall the people were not impressed. Their responses include grumbling, disbelief, rejection, and betrayal. The Twelve, however, in the name of Peter make a confession of faith to Jesus and remain committed to following him.
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W.W.J.D.D? (What Would Jesus' Disciples Do?)

Imagine your best friends hanging out. Think about the things you do with them, the inside jokes you have, the conversations that you’ll never forget, or the days that brought you closer. This must be something like Jesus and his Apostles.
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A Call to Discipleship

Exegesis of the Gospel, Mk 6:7–13 Mark describes the process Jesus used to call his first disciples in 1:16–20. Jesus summoned four fishermen and immediately they left their fishing boats and pointed their lives in a new and challenging direction called discipleship. In today's Gospel the number of disciples has increased to 12. Jesus is going to authorize and empower them to assist him in the work of proclaiming the good news in word and by deed.
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