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Honoring All of Creation

Is anyone else tired of our how polarized and paralyzed our national politics have become? At a time when we desperately need creative leadership from the men and women we elect to office, I long for leaders who govern from the center of their being.
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Caring for Creation on a Budget

Winter isn't too far away. My wife and I laugh over the disagreements we have had over the thermostat setting in our home in past winters. Our current house is much harder to heat than the highly efficient, passive-solar home we sold last year. In response, I vied for warmer clothes and a low setting on the thermostat. Cyndi fought for moderation. Both of us took secret missions to change the thermostat back toward our own preference. One time when she caught me at it, she complained: “You’re not really trying to save the Earth—you’re just a cheapskate!”
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A Meditation on God and Creation

Image: Thad Zajdowicz. On display at the Renwick Gallery, Janet Echelman's 1.8, 2015 is a creation of knotted and braided fiber with programmable lighting and wind movement above printed textile flooring.  Picture a creator in your mind. What are they creating? Maybe it is a work of art or a piece of music? Maybe they are creating a computer game or a new plan for the city? Or something else entirely. What are some characteristics of this creator? What is the process by which they are creating? How long does it take? Is it done from beginning to end, without corrections? Or do they keep revisiting the creation, tweaking it here and there to make it better?
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Pope Francis on Our Role in Caring for Creation

Image: Meg Sanchez. As I reflected on my own upbringing while reading Laudato si', Pope Francis’ encyclical on concern for the environment, I really appreciated some of things the pope discusses in it. For example, in paragraph 210, Pope Francis observes that education takes place first in the home and in the family. He also notes that environmental education should facilitate the “leap towards the transcendent.”
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