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Sacramental Do-Over

We are two weeks into the new year—a good time to take stock on our resolutions. Each year we promise to do things to improve our health, our lives, our relationships, etc. The gyms are packed, houses are organized, and grocery shopping takes on a new, healthier perspective—at least for a while.
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My Phobia with the Sacrament of Reconciliation

I have a confession to make: I haven’t been to Confession in 30 years. And it isn’t from a lack of respect for the sacrament. It isn’t out of pride. I’m just chicken. My last foray into Reconciliation is still etched in my mind: Standing outside the confessional, I was a panicked 11-year-old—hands sweating, head spinning, legs shaking in my gray corduroys. The priest grew irritated quickly. Little wonder: I could barely spit out a sentence. The act of pleading guilty to my crimes was just too awkward, too daunting. So I never went back.
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My Clumsy Confession

A little coffee spill shouldn’t be a problem for a Franciscan. Their robes are brown anyway. And I’ve seen Franciscans pull things out of hidden pockets, so each one probably holds a stash of napkins at the ready. Besides, I asked myself, what was the chance of my empty coffee cup having anything to do with a Franciscan prayer circle a floor below? 
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A Young Pope Francis Goes to Confession

Image: CNS. Father Bergoglio is expected at the other side of Buenos Aires for a day of recollection. He is in a hurry. He still has to catch the train.He leaves his office, passes along the corridor, and enters the chapel. He pauses before the Blessed Sacrament. He prays in silence, entrusting to the Lord the talk he is going to give. He then immediately rushes out toward the exit.
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