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Becoming a Fool for Christ

Contrary to popular opinion, I think it’s sometimes good to be a fool. Allow me to explain. Most people approach foolishness in one of two ways. The first is to avoid any such scenario at all costs because the specter of failure and embarrassment haunts our professional, emotional, and social lives, quietly tempering us from sharing opinions or speaking up in front of others. The second is to exploit one’s potential foolishness to an extreme degree. While those who wish to avoid appearing foolish might recoil at the thought of public humiliation, in stark contrast, people every day rise as stars of YouTube, reality television, and daytime talk shows by acting as foolish as possible.
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The Jewish Jesus

Make no mistake: Jesus was born Jewish. By the time that he was executed by the Romans, many Jewish people would have considered Jesus as guilty of blasphemy because of certain actions and his teachings about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Many Christians are reluctant to admit that Christ was born, lived, and taught as a pious Jew of his time. They may feel that such an admission shows disloyalty to Our Lord. Some even believe that Christianity has replaced Judaism. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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Courage in Christ

Image: Volkan Ölmez. My great niece died of a cerebral stroke this past weekend. There were no symptoms or warnings; she just collapsed. The best doctors could not save her life. Anna was a freshman at a Catholic high school in Cincinnati. Naturally, all her peers and friends are distraught. Her parents and her brother are just inconsolable. All of our families are in shock, as are all of Anna’s friends and teachers. What a bright, talented young lady Anna was. She played in the band at the all-boys high school in the same area of town, and was loved by all the students of both schools. She had a bright future and an outstanding personality.
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