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Live the Example and Children Will Follow

Walk the talk. Show, don’t tell. Values are caught, not taught—all variations of one theme: A good example is essential for good parenting. No doubt, if you don’t strive to live what you give, who knows what you’ll get? Like heat-seeking missiles, kids lock in on inconsistencies and double standards. Rare is the parent who has never been accosted with, “Why do I have to if you don’t?” or, “You tell me to show you respect, but you don’t show it to me,” or, “Maybe you should look at yourself.” Owww.
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Let Children Express Themselves

Yes, we want children to express themselves—thoughts, feelings, frustrations. Yes, we want them to know we’re ready to listen, even to what we’d rather not hear. Yes, the more open they are, the better. No, they can’t express themselves however they wish.
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