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A Celebration of Saints

Each time we pray the Nicene Creed, we say, “I believe in the communion of saints.” This statement is filled with profound implications for what it means to be the family of God. You and I are brothers and sisters, children of God created in his own image and likeness. In fact, all human beings are our sisters and brothers. 
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The Saints Are Our Friends

  Who doesn't love the saints? Who among us hasn't reached out to them in times of trouble? Fr. Gary Caster has long-admired the saints. In fact, his favorite is Thérèse of Lisieux. But Fr. Caster warns us not to look at them as switchboard operators conveying our messages to Christ. They are our friends—companions on our faith journeys.  
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Celebrating October’s Saints

One of the riches of our Catholic faith is our calendar of canonized saints. Of course, all in heaven are saints because of their union with God. But, from the beginning, the Church has proclaimed certain women and men as official saints because their lives give us powerful examples of God’s goodness as revealed not just in Scripture, but in the lives of people who walked this earth.
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10 Influential Catholics

In celebration of their holiness, virtue, and influence, here is a Top Ten list of saints who substantially shaped the face of the Catholic Church. From the start, we should also acknowledge the nameless men, women, and children in the pews who became increasingly central to the life of the Church in the last 1,000 years—not to mention the great impact of the faithful who built the Church in its first millennium.  Here’s my personal attempt to list the Top Ten Catholic movers and shakers of the second millennium. 
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Saints: Our Guides to God

A loving God offers us friendship, and the result of that gracious act is our holiness. God alone is holy: to be God is to be holy. Not to be God is not to be holy. It is not right or natural for us to live the life of God. But God creates God’s own life in us and makes it right for God to love us. When God finds divine life and love in us, it becomes natural for us to live supernatural or divine lives.
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5 Books on Catholic Saints to Read This Year

  If your New Year's resolution is to pay more attention to your spiritual life, then let the saints be your guide! These 5 books offer inspiration from Catholic saints to help you deepen your practices of prayer and virtue.
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The Feast of All Saints: God’s Glorious Nobodies

Snow shovelers, flight attendants, phlebotomists, kindergarten aides, car mechanics, postal workers, gardeners, cooks, farmers, computer technicians, produce managers, librarians, garbage collectors: They make a lovely litany for the Feast of All Saints!
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We Are All Called to be Saints

Everybody loves the saints, but how many of us can really relate to them? This presents a problem. To begin with, although we read the lives of the saints and admire them, most of us cannot imagine ourselves in that sacred company. Of course, we know that, besides the more “famous” saints, there are those who will never be honored by the Church with miracles and a feast day.
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John Vianney: The Saint Who Could Read Souls

John Baptiste Vianney, affectionately called the “Curé of Ars,” is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of parish priests. If you travel across the United States, chances are you will find a parish named after John Vianney (1786-1859) in almost every diocese.
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What Is a Saint?

We are tempted to reply at once: “a very holy person.” Ah, but what is holiness? That is a more complex issue. We can’t point to a foolproof lifestyle to define what holiness is supposed to look like. Some canonized saints of the Church were kings and queens in palaces; others begged on the streets of their cities. Some were wellborn and educated, while as many were peasants, unsuccessful students, or simpleminded.
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