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Your (Imperfect) Holy Family

The following activities can enrich your family life. Adapt the activities to meet the needs of your family or create your own activities. Neighborhood Picnic. Gather together with several families and friends from your neighborhood or parish community for a picnic. Ask the participants to bring food and music that represent their ethnic backgrounds. At some point during the picnic, ask everyone to share a story that characterizes one’s family heritage.
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Tips for Grandparents

As a link between past and future, it is the grandparents who plant the seed, knowing full well they may not see the fruit of their harvest. They plant anyway. Sue and Marv Prins have grandchildren in Milwauke—an eight-hour drive from home. Facebook and phone calls help shrink the distance, but Sue, who lives with a chronic illness, reasons, “I probably won’t live to see my grandchildren as adults.
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Pope Francis and the Blessing of Family: Wisdom in Our Homes

When a mother takes her child aside and gently reproves him, saying: “Don’t do this, because…” and explains with great patience, is this the wisdom of God? Yes! It is what the Holy Spirit gives us in life!
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Family, Redefined

Not long ago, when the editors of  St. Anthony Messenger discussed article topics relating to Catholic families, I wasn’t shy with my suggestion. “I’d like an article about unmarried or divorced Catholics, single parents, childless couples—something like that.”
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Loving When It’s Not Easy

We currently have a 6-month-old puppy at home. She’s very appropriately named Tigger for the way she bounces around the house. And while I love her immensely, she is quite a challenge. She’s a chewer, and not very selective about what she chews—toys, shoes, couches, hands, feet. I spend a good part of my time at home retrieving things from her mouth or teaching her that I just want to walk to the kitchen without her attached to my foot.
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Mothers Unite!

I have an announcement to make: My kids are not perfect. They never have been; they never will be. They throw fits, argue with one another, cop attitudes, and don’t always listen very well. They’re kids. And I love them more than anything.
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