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Does the Earth Have Cancer?

My 71-year-old mom has stage IV non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and she is currently undergoing an aggressive chemotherapy regimen. Cancer has been a painful, difficult journey, both for her and for all of us who love her. In my environmental work, I’ve come across the idea that human beings, as a species, have become something like a global-scale cancer. I never agreed with this line of thought—and still don’t—but with cancer such a real and present concern in my family’s life right now, I find myself pondering it once again.
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One with Creation

This is the third and final blog in our series on caring for creation, in conjunction with our friends at the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Office.
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Stewardship of Creation: An Earth Day Message

“Nature is at our disposition and we are called to exercise a responsible stewardship over it,” Pope Francis said in 2014 at the World Day of Peace. “Yet so often we are driven by greed and by the arrogance of dominion, possession, manipulation and exploitation; we do not preserve nature; nor do we respect it or consider it a gracious gift which we must care for and set at the service of our brothers and sisters, including future generations. ”
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Saint Francis’ Message: God’s House Is All of Creation

  As Francis of Assisi looked out of his cave and down to Assisi from the heights of Mount Subasio, it was as if the whole of creation were spread out beneath his cave, and God’s goodness rushed in upon him. He could only think of that pure Goodness and how God shares his life with us. Everything good and beautiful comes from God.
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Saving Our Battered Earth

There is a line in the encyclical “Laudato Si’” that is as bold as the man who wrote it: “A spirituality which forgets God as all-powerful and Creator is not acceptable. That is how we end up worshiping earthly powers, or ourselves usurping the place of God, even to the point of claiming an unlimited right to trample his creation underfoot.” 
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Earth: A World of Magic

For our son Eli’s 9th birthday, we got him an honest-to-goodness magic kit: a top hat, wand, red sequined vest, black cape, and a number of props. One of the best parenting memories I have is of Eli—with the help of his 12-year-old twin sisters—performing a laugh-and mistake-filled magic show for my wife and me, in front of a makeshift curtain rigged out of an old blanket.
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Body and Earth: Reclaiming the Connection

It is said that when Rene Descartes, one of the philosophical fathers of modern science, vivisected a dog (that is, dissected it alive), he paid no attention to its cries. He didn’t bother with any anesthesia for the animal; it was, to his mind, merely a machine. It had no soul, no real spirit—the whimpers and howls the dog let out as it was cut open were to Descartes like the creaking of an ungreased wheel. 
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Falling Away to God

Image: pexels. I have always loved autumn. Here in the temperate Midwest, the deciduous trees put on a cloak of many colors that rivals Joseph’s. The maples flame in brilliant reds, the sycamores and poplars turn to burnished gold, and the oaks offer a stunning rainbow of hues.
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A Lost (Pet) Weekend

Image: Jens Schott Knudsen. These notes are prompted in part by my granddaughter Norah wondering about why "water was leaking from my eyes" while we were in a great state of uncertainty about recovering our beloved dog Choie. Some of you might think in some way that this is really a "First World problem" of a fairly middle-class guy fretting over the loss of his, of all breeds, Shih Tzu.
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Pope Francis on the Dangers Facing Mother Earth

Our common home is at risk. Time, my brothers and sisters, seems to be running out; we are not yet tearing one another apart, but we are tearing apart our common home. Today, the scientific community realizes what the poor have long told us: harm, perhaps irreversible harm, is being done to the ecosystem.
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