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Ask a Franciscan: Grieving Family Members

Q. For six years, I was the sole caregiver of my mom and my aunt. They died eight weeks apart. I miss them so much; they were my best friends, and we did everything together. I still grieve their deaths, especially during the holidays. I cry often, but I offer all my loneliness, sadness, and Masses for the holy souls in purgatory. When will my pain and loneliness ease? I am very active in my local parish.
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Ask a Franciscan: Sacraments 101

I receive many questions from curious, confused, or concerned Catholics about everything from the Mass to divorce to the saints. Sacraments are also of interest to people—as they should be! God lovingly touches all of the stages of life through the seven sacraments. They are, in fact, drawn from the love that Jesus had for all of us by becoming human. Each is designed to draw us closer to God. Here are a few recent questions regarding sacraments.
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Ask a Franciscan: Is Every Encyclical Infallible?

Q. I know that the pope’s infallibility is not a personal trait but is part of his office as the successor of St. Peter. Even so, is every encyclical infallible?
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Ask a Franciscan: How Did Evil Begin?

Q. What is the absolute root cause of evil? How can an absolute evil (the devil) come from an absolute good (God)? Didn’t Satan choose something that already existed? If paradise is real, how could evil enter into it? When people speak of “free will,” it sounds as though they mean “without God.” If so, isn’t free will a bad thing?
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Ask a Franciscan: ‘I am Consumed with Guilt and Sorrow’

Q. I am feeling very guilty. I was driving my car and accidentally hit a man with my side mirror. I never saw him, and I don’t know if he stepped in front of me or not. The only reason I know he was hit was my side mirror flipped in, and I heard the snap. I immediately pulled over and asked the man if he was OK. 
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Ask a Franciscan: Why Is There So Much Injustice?

Q. If God is all-powerful and all-good, why does evil exist? I have heard the theories of human free will, responsibility, and weakness after Adam and Eve’s fall. We simply don’t know why God allows what God allows. Why is there so much unbearable injustice in the world?
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