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Parenting Paralysis: What's Changed About Raising Children?

In this excerpt from Being a Grandparent: Just Like Being a Parent … Only Different!, Dr. Ray Guarendi answers a question from a concerned grandparent. I don’t recall questioning my parenting like parents do these days. My daughter has more self-doubts raising her six-year-old son than we did with all five of our children. What’s changed?
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Advice Worth Ignoring for Families

  Smart people learn from their mistakes. Smarter people learn from the mistakes of others. The smartest people learn from good advice. A pithy observation. Also, it would seem, good advice. No one learns solely from his own experience. If he tried, he’d find life a lot more frustrating, and perhaps a lot shorter. All of us learn, for better or worse, by others’ guidance. The aim is to get better at separating good guidance from bad. 
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