Station 8: Jesus Encounters the Women of Jerusalem

Posted by Richard Goodin, OFM on 1/25/18 8:58 AM


Presider: We adore you, O Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all of your churches throughout the whole world.

All: And we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Presider: Jesus, you had quite a crowd following you. Several women who mourned your suffering received some of your last prophetic words. Your prophecy of future hard times shows the dedication you had to your preaching ministry. You did not give up. You kept to your task.

All: Lord Jesus, your warning to the women reminds us to wake up and transform our lives before it is too late. It reminds us too that there are many who have yet to learn of you and your Good News! Help us to turn the corner and be more fully converted to the way you have shown us. Thank you for your strength, amidst the struggle, for saying what needed to be said! 


Topics: Stations of the Cross, Way of the Cross, Lent