Station 7: Jesus Falls for the Second Time

Posted by Richard Goodin, OFM on 1/20/18 8:58 AM

Presider: We adore you, O Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all of your churches throughout the whole world.

All: And we praise you, because, by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world.

Presider: Jesus, once again your fall perplexes us. You are God, yet you fall—just as we do. The glory of Christmas was your Incarnation. And now we are reminded of how real you were incarnate as a human. Our identification with you grows as you undergo collapse. Collapse and struggle are realities that we we experience on a regular basis.

All: Lord Jesus, as high as our rejoicing gets in response to your Incarnation, our sorrow is at its lowest seeing you fall again. Help us as our reason fails to understand the mysteriousness of your Incarnation into our human condition. We draw strength that you are the high priest that knows our ups and downs; our joys and our sorrows. Yet, our heart breaks to see you, Our Lord and Savior, fall a second time. Thank you for your humility—it gives us hope! 


Topics: Stations of the Cross, Way of the Cross, Lent