Station 5: Jesus Receives Help from Simon the Cyrene

Posted by Richard Goodin, OFM on 1/20/18 8:56 AM

Jesus Cross Lent

Presider: We adore you, O Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all of your churches throughout the whole world.

All: And we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Presider: Jesus, as you receive help from Simon, you remind us again of your humanity. Human society is built upon the premise of fraternity, upon interdependence among people. Simon, though forced, comes to your aid to relieve some of the load. It pains us to wonder if we have denied helping you by overlooking an opportunity to help our neighbor.

All: Lord Jesus, we have never been able to live life without the help of others. We are grateful that Simon helped you. We ask you to help us understand how we can better assist your ongoing mission. Help us become agents of action, missionaries of mercy, servants of solace. Thank you for your humble acceptance of Simon's help: It shows us how to be open to receiving help ourselves. 


Topics: Stations of the Cross, Way of the Cross, Lent