Station 4: Jesus Meets His Mother

Posted by Richard Goodin, OFM on 1/20/18 8:55 AM


Presider: We adore you, O Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all of your churches throughout the whole world.

All: And we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Presider: Jesus, as you met your mother along that path, your heart must have swelled with sorrow. But seeing her likely gave you the courage to continue your mission of love until the bitter end. Your mother, conceived without sin, always remained your mother and your steadfast exemplar disciple. Oh, how the sight of her must have simultaneously broken your heart and lifted your spirit!

All: Lord Jesus, we know the power of the unconditional, supportive love of a mother. That is why we beg for your mother’s intercession so often. She was by your side during that torturous day and we believe she is by your side now in glory. We thank you for her example, and we hope to one day be by your side in eternity! 


Topics: Stations of the Cross, Way of the Cross, Lent