Station 14: Jesus Is Laid In the Tomb

Posted by Richard Goodin, OFM on 1/25/18 9:42 AM

Presider: We adore you, O Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all of your churches throughout the whole world.

All: And we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Presider: Jesus, as you were placed into a borrowed tomb all seemed lost. Your life’s work seemed a failure. Your closest friends scattered and hid themselves in embarrassment and disillusionment. But God—not deathwould have the last word. The darkness of the tomb had no chance against the work of God.

All: Lord Jesus, lucky for us we know that the end of the story is far beyond your lifeless body being placed in a borrowed tomb. But we feel sadness at the thought of leaving you there on that cold stone. Help us to see with the eyes of love that darkness will be conquered. Give us faith that beats back the darkness. Thank you for your example of life and your humility in death.


Topics: Stations of the Cross, Way of the Cross, Lent