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Novena to Saint Clare | Day Three: Power of Community

Posted by Susan Hines-Brigger on 8/5/19 12:00 AM

St. Clare of Assisi: Pray for us!



It is not often that you hear mention of Saint Clare without also hearing of Saint Francis. The two often seem to be a package deal. That is understandable, seeing as it was Francis who captivated Clare’s wonder as a young girl with his preaching in the town square. He helped lead her to her new and desired life of prayer and the two remained companions throughout their lives. Their ministries took on different forms—Francis among the people, Clare within the walls of San Damiano—but they never lost their connection. Francis was an inspiration for Clare; Clare was a constant support for Francis. 

But Clare was also joined in her ministry by others, including her mother, Ortolana, her sisters Catherine and Beatrix, and her Aunt Bianca. Women from the surrounding area also began to find their way to San Damiano, eager to join this community focused on simplicity and Christ. 

Life can be hard. When we face obstacles and challenges—both in life and our faith—it helps to have others to provide support, just like Clare found within her community. Try to be that person for someone today. 

In Clare’s Own Words

“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become.”

Questions for Reflection

Who has been a steady companion and support for you in your life?

What obstacles have you faced—or currently face—in your life and how have you dealt with them?

Who would be most likely to join you in a ministry such as Clare's?

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St. Clare: Pray for us!

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