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Christmas Gift Guide: Catholic Books for Teens

Posted by Kelly Sundberg on 12/9/18 12:10 PM

2017 Christmas Gift Guide: Catholic Books for Teens | Image: Pixabay

Young adulthood can be an important time for spiritual development. Encourage them in their faith by giving the gift of Catholic books that inspire without proselytizing.

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For the future English major:

Eight Whopping Lies.jpgEight Whopping Lies and Other Stories of Bruised Grace, by Brian Doyle

Young readers and writers will adore literary magazine editor Doyle's playful tinkering with language in this book of essays about family and life's funny little moments—all observed from the perspective of a lifelong Catholic.




For the stressed-out student:

AtPlayinGodsCreation.jpgAt Play in God's Creation: An Illuminating Coloring Book, by Tara M. Owens and Daniel W. Sorensen

Prayer and meditation are the purpose of this beautiful coloring book, which takes the reader on a journey with thoughtful prompts, hidden symbols, and wisdom from the saints.




For the young seeker:

blessed are the bored in spirit.jpegBlessed are the Bored in Spirit: A Young Catholic's Search for Meaning, by Mark Hart

Mark Hart is a youth minister and internationally known Catholic speaker—but it wasn't always that way. With his trademark humor and accessibility, Hart details his journey from half-hearted Catholic to new person in Christ.







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