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St. Francis Novena | Day Seven: Love

St. Francis Novena | Day Six: Peace

St. Francis Novena | Day Five: Poverty

St. Francis Novena | Day Four: Creation

St. Francis Novena | Day Three: The Gospels

St. Francis Novena | Day Two: Evangelization

St. Francis Novena | Day One: The Incarnation

Notes from a Friar: Letting God Love Us

Family: Holiness in Its Place

Our Belief in God

The Power of Home

Choosing Light Over Darkness

Prayers for Friends and Family

The Canticle of Mary

The Grace of Giving

The Annunciation in a Time of COVID-19

Friar Mychal Judge: Hero on 9/11

Blessed Are You: The Riches of Spiritual Poverty

Journaling: Grace in the Pages

Difficulties with Prayer

The Work of Our Hands

I Am Anthony of Padua: Finding Balance

The Simple Truths of the Gospel

I Am Anthony of Padua: Finding Holy Ground

Surprised by Grace

Discovering New Pathways of Prayer

Models of Faith: Sister Thea Bowman

A Reflection on Psalm 139

Prayers for Troubled Hearts

Louis of France: A Saintly King

The Only Way Forward

The Saints Lead Us to Prayer

Embracing Poverty

We’re All Right

21 Quotes from 21 Radical Saints

The Spiritual Benefits of Journaling

Kolbe House: Bringing Mercy to Inmates

Prayer Mends the Soul

Ask a Franciscan: ‘I am Consumed with Guilt and Sorrow’

The Legacy of Saint Clare

A Call for Holy Simplicity

Helping the Marginalized during COVID-19

Saint Francis and His Dreams

Embracing Our Imperfections

COVID-19 Can Lead Us to a Better World

The Guiding Light of Spiritual Doubt

Radical Saints: Teresa of Calcutta

Radical Saints: Marianne Cope

Radical Saints: Jacinta Marto

Radical Saints: Maria Faustina Kowalska

Radical Saints: Josephine Bakhita

Radical Saints: Mary MacKillop

Radical Saints: Katharine Drexel

Love Letters From God

Here's to Strong Women

Saint Francis: A Quick Look at An Inspiring Life

The Beatitude Attitude

Ask a Franciscan: How Did Evil Begin?

Becoming a Fool for Christ

White Savior: A Look at Race and Religion

Seeing the World as Kin

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: Princess of the Eucharist

What Are Your Blessings?

A Meditation on Healing

Faith-Based Ways to Conquer Stress

Hope & Humility: Our Weapons against COVID-19

Saint Francis and Suffering

The Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Vision for New Community

Psalm 25: GPS for the Soul

Crisis and Crossroads

Our Quest for Happiness and Meaning

‘Where There Is Darkness, Light’

The Power of Sleep

What Is Your View on Reality?

Notes from a Friar: The Mysterious Workings of Grace

A Revelation on Creation

Lost in Laughter

Standing in Solidarity against Systemic Racism

Accepting God’s Unexpected Gifts

The Peace Prayer of Saint Francis

Praying with the Saints: All Are Welcome

Be Present

A Franciscan Response to America's Racial Unrest

Saint Anthony Novena Day Nine: May Christ Deepen Our Love

Saint Anthony Novena Day Eight: Stay United with Your Healer

Saint Anthony Novena Day Seven: See the Depth of Christ's Love

Saint Anthony Novena Day Six: Let God's Light Shine Through You

Saint Anthony Novena Day Five: See Christ in Those Who Suffer

Saint Anthony Novena Day Four: Seek the Face of God before All Else

Saint Anthony Novena Day Three: Be Careful of Greed

Saint Anthony Novena Day Two: Love Wholly and Not Partially

Saint Anthony Novena Day One: Embrace the Light of Christ

The Poor People's Campaign

Six Ways to Be Grateful

The Gospel of Prayer

Let's Refocus on Faith

Celebrating Mother Mary

Ave Maria: Calling upon Mother Mary

Letting Go and Shedding Layers of Myself

Be a Living Prayer

Honoring All of Creation

A Friar's Reflection on Mary

Sacred Violence

Models of Faith: The Virgin Mary

The Belly of the Whale

I Am Made for God

The Security to Be Insecure

Powerful Prayer

Owning Our Cultural Biases

‘Peace Be with You’

Struggling with Prayer?

Hidden in Plain Sight

Elizabeth Ann Seton: A Patron Saint in Times of Quarantine

Mary: Mother of Mystics

Breathing in the Spirit

What Is Silent Prayer?

Father Casey Cole on Suffering

A Time for Grace

Clare, COVID-19, and the Communion of Saints

7 Things Catholics Should Know about Suicide

The Annunciation in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 and Solitude

Finding Light in the Darkness

Body and Earth: Reclaiming the Connection

Saint Francis: An Instrument of Prayer

God's Peace, Our Reward

In Search of Perfect Joy

Making Sense of Suffering

A Message of Hope from the Mayor of Assisi

Wounded Healers

Sustaining that Joyous Easter Feeling

Everyday Resurrections: A Meditation on Easter

Lent with the Saints: The Beloved Disciple

How Jesus' Disciples Handled Fear

Lent with the Saints: Mary Magdalene

The Way of the Cross: A Meditation for Lent

Lent with the Saints: Mary

Lent with the Saints: John Paul II

Lent with the Saints: The Suffering Servant

Lent with the Saints: Peter

Lent with the Saints: Martha and Mary

Lent with the Saints: Clare

Calling on the Lord from within the Storm

Lent with the Saints: Catherine of Siena

5 Books to Lift Your Spirits during Quarantine

Lent with the Saints: Stephen

Lent with the Saints: Bernardine of Siena

Lent with the Saints: Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Stress: Our Pathway to God

Lent with the Saints: Leonard of Port Maurice

Lent with the Saints: Margaret of Cortona

Lent with the Saints: Jeremiah

Lent with the Saints: Teresa of Avila

A Friar on the Power of Hope

Lent with the Saints: Ignatius of Loyola

Lent with the Saints: Anthony of Padua

Lent with the Saints: Gianna Beretta Molla

Lent with the Saints: Ezekiel

Lent with the Saints: John the Evangelist

Lent with the Saints: Paul

Lent with the Saints: Martin de Porres

Lent with the Saints: Teresa of Calcutta

Lent with the Saints: Patrick

Lent with the Saints: Francis de Sales

Lent with the Saints: Alphonsus Liguori

A Monday Meditation

Lent with the Saints: Damien Joseph de Veuster of Molokai

Lent with the Saints: Moses

Lent with the Saints: Augustine

Lent with the Saints: The Patriarch Joseph

Lent with the Saints: André Bessette

Lent with the Saints: James and John

Lent with the Saints: Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Lent with the Saints: John Vianney

Lent with the Saints: Abraham

Lent with the Saints: Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)

Lent with the Saints: Cornelius and Cyprian

Lent with the Saints: Queen Esther

Lent with the Saints: Jonah

Lent with the Saints: Isidore the Farmer

Lent with the Saints: Frances of Rome

Lent with the Saints: Noah

Lent with the Saints: Levi (Matthew) the Tax Collector

Lent with the Saints: Sharbel Makhluf

Lent with the Saints: Thomas More

Lent with the Saints: Do You Want to Be a Saint?

The Roots of Fat Tuesday, the Fruits of Lent

Saints for Our Lenten Journey

Lent and Forgiveness

Saint Francis' Prayer before the Crucifix

Meditation: Prayer from the Heart

Humanizing God

7 Easy Tips for Personal Prayer

Easing a Guilty Conscience

Justice within God's Kingdom

Angels Watching Over Me

The Easiest Prayer Ever

Saint Francis and the Taming of the Wolf

Straight Talk about Suicide