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Honoring All of Creation

A Friar's Reflection on Mary

Sacred Violence

Models of Faith: The Virgin Mary

The Belly of the Whale

I Am Made for God

The Security to Be Insecure

Powerful Prayer

Owning Our Cultural Biases

Struggling with Prayer?

Hidden in Plain Sight

‘Peace Be with You’

Elizabeth Ann Seton: A Patron Saint in Times of Quarantine

Mary: Mother of Mystics

Breathing in the Spirit

What Is Silent Prayer?

Father Casey Cole on Suffering

A Time for Grace

Clare, COVID-19, and the Communion of Saints

Seven Things Catholics Should Know about Suicide

The Annunciation in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 and Solitude

Finding Light in the Darkness

Body and Earth: Reclaiming the Connection

Saint Francis: An Instrument of Prayer

God's Peace, Our Reward

In Search of Perfect Joy

Making Sense of Suffering

Love Is a Force Stronger than COVID-19

A Message of Hope from the Mayor of Assisi

Wounded Healers

Sustaining that Joyous Easter Feeling

Everyday Resurrections: A Meditation on Easter

Lent with the Saints: The Beloved Disciple

How Jesus' Disciples Handled Fear

Lent with the Saints: Mary Magdalene

The Way of the Cross: A Meditation for Lent

Lent with the Saints: Mary

Lent with the Saints: John Paul II

Lent with the Saints: The Suffering Servant

Lent with the Saints: Peter

Lent with the Saints: Martha and Mary

Lent with the Saints: Clare

Calling on the Lord from within the Storm

Lent with the Saints: Catherine of Siena

5 Books to Lift Your Spirits during Quarantine

Lent with the Saints: Stephen

Lent with the Saints: Bernardine of Siena

Lent with the Saints: Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Stress: Our Pathway to God

Lent with the Saints: Leonard of Port Maurice

Lent with the Saints: Margaret of Cortona

Lent with the Saints: Jeremiah

Lent with the Saints: Teresa of Avila

A Friar on the Power of Hope

Lent with the Saints: Ignatius of Loyola

Lent with the Saints: Anthony of Padua

Lent with the Saints: Gianna Beretta Molla

Pathways of Prayer

Lent with the Saints: Ezekiel

Lent with the Saints: John the Evangelist

Lent with the Saints: Paul

Lent with the Saints: Martin de Porres

Lent with the Saints: Teresa of Calcutta

Lent with the Saints: Patrick

Lent with the Saints: Francis de Sales

Lent with the Saints: Alphonsus Liguori

A Monday Meditation

Lent with the Saints: Damien Joseph de Veuster of Molokai

Lent with the Saints: Moses

Lent with the Saints: Augustine

Lent with the Saints: The Patriarch Joseph

Lent with the Saints: André Bessette

Lent with the Saints: James and John

Lent with the Saints: Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Lent with the Saints: John Vianney

Lent with the Saints: Abraham

Lent with the Saints: Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)

Lent with the Saints: Cornelius and Cyprian

Lent with the Saints: Queen Esther

Lent with the Saints: Jonah

Lent with the Saints: Isidore the Farmer

Lent with the Saints: Frances of Rome

Lent with the Saints: Noah

Lent with the Saints: Levi (Matthew) the Tax Collector

Lent with the Saints: Sharbel Makhluf

Lent with the Saints: Thomas More

Lent with the Saints: Do You Want to Be a Saint?

The Roots of Fat Tuesday, the Fruits of Lent

Saints for Our Lenten Journey

Lent and Forgiveness

Saint Francis' Prayer before the Crucifix

Meditation: Prayer from the Heart

Faith-Based Ways to Conquer Stress

Love Letters From God

Humanizing God

7 Easy Tips for Personal Prayer

Easing a Guilty Conscience

Angels Watching Over Me

The Easiest Prayer Ever

Saint Francis and the Taming of the Wolf

Justice within God's Kingdom

Straight Talk about Suicide

St. Maximilian Kolbe: More Than a Martyr

The Paintings and Prose of Thomas Merton

The Super Bowl and Human Trafficking

Saint Maximilian Kolbe: Franciscan Martyr

The Hail Mary: Jesus at the Center

Saint Maximilian Kolbe: A Life of Heroic Love

Becoming Radically Open

Be Still and Know

Let Go. Now.

Learning to Let Go

Dr. King’s Undying ‘Dream’

Top 10 Influential Catholics

A Revelation on Creation

5 Minutes to Mindfulness

Sacramental Do-Over

The Rich Man and His Harvest: A Gospel Parable

The Lord Is My Shepherd: A Look at Psalm 23

Francis and Anthony: Two Saints, One Vision

God Is a Remedy for Our Sins

Live the Eucharist: A Reflection for Epiphany

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Purgatory 101

Who Are We Before God?

7 Books on Catholic Saints to Read in 2020

Prayers to Ring in the New Year

We Are In the Presence of God

2019 in Review

December 25: Someone to Surrender to

December 24: All Is in Readiness

December 23: Confrontation, Conversion, Consolation

December 22: Power, Prestige and Possessions

December 21: True Religion

December 20: A Feverish Desire for the Will of God

December 19: Stand-Ins for Social Acceptability

December 18: Breaking Open the Word

Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent: The Imitation of God

Monday of the Third Week of Advent: Non-Dual Thinking

Third Sunday of Advent: Related in the Spirit

Saturday of the Second Week of Advent: Less Is More

Friday of the Second Week of Advent: Mary, Perfect Image of Fruitfulness

Thursday of the Second Week of Advent: Great Love and Great Suffering

Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent: The Gospel Necessity

Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent: Back to Faith

Monday of the Second Week of Advent: Waiting in Darkness

Second Sunday of Advent: John, The Master of Descent

Saturday of the First Week of Advent: Jesus, A Radical Reformer

Friday of the First Week of Advent: Allowing God’s Truth

Thursday of the First Week of Advent: Thy Kingdom Come

Wednesday of the First Week of Advent: The Kingdom on Earth

Tuesday of the First Week of Advent: The Cosmic Christ

Monday of the First Week of Advent: Making Room Inside

First Sunday of Advent: Come, Lord Jesus

A Guided Tour through Advent

Thanksgiving: A Feast of Gratitude

Notes from a Friar: A Spirit of Gratitude

Understanding Yesterday's Mistakes

Six Ways to Be Grateful

To Be Joyful

Our Deepest Relationship Is with God

Trusting What Beckons: A Meditation on Healing

Get to Know Yourself

Calling Out to God

Saint Francis and His Dreams

Religion of the Heart

The Friends of Thomas Merton

The Treadmill of Disengagement

Earth and Spirit

Proclaiming the Gospel

Of Wandering and Welcome

Raising Saints: A Message for Parents

Saint Francis and the Eucharist

Choose Life

The Feast of All Saints: God’s Glorious Nobodies

A Look at Halloween and All Saints Day

Saint Francis, Poet

The Joys of Silence

Jesus: The Greatest Storyteller

The Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

We Are in the Hands of God

Live in the Now

Be Mindful

Celebrating a World Church

The Guiding Light of Spiritual Doubt

Jesus Defines True Humanity

The Sacrament of the Present

A New Way of Seeing

St. Francis: A Heartfelt Ally

Rebuilding Our Sandcastles

Wired to Be Present

Dancing with Manatees

Facing Life's Monsters

The Letters of Saint Thérèse, Pt. 2

My Faith Helped Me Forgive

The Letters of Saint Thérèse, Pt. 1

Finding Your True Identity

Saint Thérèse: Simple, Profound Love

The Power of Forgiveness

Saint Francis Novena | Day Nine: Consolation

Saint Francis Novena | Day Eight: Creation

Saint Francis Novena | Day Seven: Mary

Saint Francis Novena | Day Six: Peace

Saint Francis Novena | Day Five: Spirit-Filled

Saint Francis Novena | Day Four: Humility

Saint Francis Novena | Day Three: Freedom

Saint Francis Novena | Day Two: Forgiveness

Saint Francis Novena | Day One: Conversion

Why Saint Francis Belongs on the Birdbath

Saint Francis’ Message: God’s House Is All of Creation

My Visit to Padre Pio's Tomb

How Saint Francis Experienced Conversion

Our Belief in God

Notes from a Friar: Encountering a Stranger

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

My Interview with Padre Pio

Following Saints Francis and Clare

Compassionate Parenting

Finding God in the Everyday

Fear Is My Teacher

A Franciscan Response to Bullying

Does the Earth Have Cancer?

Holy Quotes from Mother Teresa

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Values

The Work of Our Hands

Love, Lived in Service

Saint John the Baptist: Prophet, Preacher

What Is a True Peacemaker?

Follow in the Footprints of Christ

Our Prayers to God

What a Monk Taught Me about Faith

The Gospel of Prayer

Our Quest for Happiness and Meaning

Living a Prayerful Life: God in the Details

Women of the Gospels

A Franciscan Response to the El Paso and Dayton Shootings

Saint Clare of Assisi, Revolutionary

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Nine: Ripples of Faith

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Eight: Honoring Our Talents

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Seven: Embrace the Quiet

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Six: Our Spiritual Reflection

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Five: Faithful Persistence

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Four: Finding Our Path

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Three: Power of Community

Novena to Saint Clare | Day Two: Strength in Suffering

Novena to Saint Clare | Day One: Outside Our Comfort Zone

Ask a Franciscan: Grieving Family Members

Ask a Franciscan: Sacraments 101

Biking Down Davidson through Waves

Dating God

Live the Gospel: A Message from Saint Francis

Adopting a Contemplative Mantra

Psalm 36: Sin Speaks to the Sinner

Power of the Rosary

Honoring Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Francis of Assisi: Reformer, True Son of the Church

Saint Francis and Suffering

Pope Francis on the Importance of Family

Family: Holiness in Its Place

How to Rid the World of Evil

Psalm 25: GPS for the Soul

Honoring St. Anthony Messenger

Mother Teresa on the Importance of Family

A Morning Prayer

A Reflection on Freedom

Eucharist: The Promise of Life

Saint Francis and His Canticle

The Energy of God and Nature

Morally Responsible Investing

Faith and Family for June 30: Journey to Jerusalem

Here's to Strong Women

The Future of the Franciscans

When Jesus Broke the Rules

Faith and Family for June 23: Loaves and Fishes

The Franciscan Saints: Matt Talbot

Advice Worth Ignoring for Families

Saint Anthony, God's Instrument

Saint Anthony Novena Day Nine: Model of Conversion

Faith and Family for June 16: You Will Be Told

Saint Anthony Novena Day Eight: In Retirement

Saint Anthony Novena Day Seven: Leader of Friars

Saint Anthony Novena Day Six: The Preacher

Saint Anthony Novena Day Five: The Teacher

Saint Anthony Novena Day Four: The Contemplative

Tips for Grandparents

Saint Anthony Novena Day Three: The Missionary

Saint Anthony Novena Day Two: Rooted in Scripture

Faith and Family for June 9: Feast of Pentecost

Saint Anthony Novena Day One: Man of Many Talents

Choose Love: A Message from Pope Francis

Our Return to Holy Saturday

One Friar to Another: Thank You, Saint Anthony

Live the Example and Children Will Follow

Notes from a Friar: Love Your Enemies

Faith and Family for June 2: May All Be One

St. Anthony: Help Us Find Healing!

The Contemplative Franciscan Leader

A Rose by Any Other Name

The Loneliness of Mary

Faith and Family for May 26: Peace I Leave with You

Clare of Assisi: A Servant Leader Ahead of Her Time

Ave Maria: Calling upon Mother Mary

Faith and Family for May 19: Love One Another

Climate Change in Franciscan Ministry: Danger or Opportunity?

Thank You, Mom

Seven Days with Mary: Mother

The Other Mother’s Day

Seven Days with Mary: Movement toward Christ

Reflections of a First-Time Mother

Seven Days with Mary: New Eve

Seven Days with Mary: Omnipresence

Faith and Family for May 12: I Am the Shepherd

Seven Days with Mary: Pondering in Our Hearts

Seven Days with Mary: Relinquishment

Seven Days with Mary: The Unfinished Story

Faith and Family for May 5: Cast Your Nets

Human Family, Holy Relationships

The Gospels According to Saint Francis

Pope Francis on Mary’s ‘Yes’

Daily Prayers for Catholic Women

Mary's Special Place in Our Faith

Faith and Family for April 28: Peace Be with You

The Franciscan Spirit in Over-the-Rhine

Stewardship of Creation: An Earth Day Message

Lent with Richard Rohr: Liminal Space

Darkness and Light: A Reflection on Good Friday

A Meditation on the Crucifixion of Christ

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Scapegoat and Scapegoating

Lent with Richard Rohr: Unpacking the Ritual

Faith and Family for April 21: The New Life of Easter

Lent with Richard Rohr: How Much Did Jesus Know and When Did He Know It?

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Pain of Betrayal

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Servant of the ‘Servant of Yahweh’

Honoring the Sabbath, Honoring Creation

Lent with Richard Rohr: Waxing and Waning

Lent with Richard Rohr: True Unity and False Unity

Lent with Richard Rohr: Experience Is Always Non-Dual

Lent with Richard Rohr: All Glory Is Reflected Glory

Faith and Family for April 14: Palm Sunday

Lent with Richard Rohr: A Prior State of Hostility Will Distort Everything

Lent with Richard Rohr: Spiritual Vaccination

Love and Action: Caring for Creation

A Walk through Holy Week

The Road to Easter

Lent with Richard Rohr: Lust and Love

Lent with Richard Rohr: What Is Life and What Is Death?

Lent with Richard Rohr: All Controversies Can Be Resolved by an Appeal to Authority

Fullness and Emptiness, Union and Zen

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Demonization of the Threatening ‘Other’

The Our Father: Our Environmental Teacher

Lent with Richard Rohr: Cosmic Courtroom Scenes

Faith and Family for April 7: Go and Sin No More

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Two-Way Mirror

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Soul Needs Images and Imaging to ‘Know’ Things

Lent with Richard Rohr: Could the ‘New’ Thing Be Inclusion?

Lent with Richard Rohr: Light Is About Seeing Correctly

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Illusion of ‘Sacrifice’

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Two Loves Are Not Separate

Lent with Richard Rohr: Driving Out Devils With Better-Disguised Devils

Faith and Family for March 27: The Prodigal Son

Lent with Richard Rohr: Good Containers Are Necessary

Lent with Richard Rohr: Who Is in the Fiery Furnace and Who Is Not?

Lent with Richard Rohr: Why Is My Group Always Better Than Your Group?

Lent with Richard Rohr: If We But Knew the Gift of God!

Lent with Richard Rohr: As Good as It Gets!

Lent with Richard Rohr: Don’t Be Too Afraid of Being Thrown Into the Pit!

Lent with Richard Rohr: If You Don’t Get It Now, You Won’t Get It Then

Faith and Family for March 20: Parable of the Fig Tree

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Pain and Promise of Change

Lent with Richard Rohr: For the Sake of Change

Lent with Richard Rohr: Good Mirroring and Bad Mirroring

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Third Something

Lent with Richard Rohr: Commandment as a Big Push Over the Top

Lent with Richard Rohr: Rewards and Punishments Are Inherent

Lent with Richard Rohr: Taking One’s Life in One’s Hands

Lent with Richard Rohr: ‘No Sign Will Be Given Except the Sign of Jonah’

Lent with Richard Rohr: Certain Eventual Results

Lent with Richard Rohr: The Important Commandments Are Not Always Seen

Lent with Richard Rohr: Temptations Are Attractions to Partial Goods

Lent with Richard Rohr: A Double Punch

Lent with Richard Rohr: Our Amazing Capacity for Missing the Point

Lent with Richard Rohr: Decision Precedes Depth

Why We Love Our Ashes

Lent with Richard Rohr: Another Start!

Pope Francis: Lent Is a Time for Conversion, Not Ego

Preparing for Lent with Friar Roger

The Most Contemplative Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Lent Is a Journey Inward

The Third Order of Saint Francis: A Note

Faith and Family for February 27: Bear Good Fruit

Temptation and the 40 Days of Lent

Lent: Let’s Get Back to Basics

Lent: Entering into Silence

What to Focus on during Lent

Trusting God in the Desert: A Lenten Meditation

Faith and Family for February 20: Love your Enemies

Saint Francis and Prayer

Notes from a Friar: A Look at Hell

Br. Casey Cole on Reaching People Outside of Church

Faith and Family for February 13: The Beatitudes

Advice for Parents: Let Siblings Work It Out

My Journey to Lourdes

A Reflection on Psalm 139

Faith and Family for February 6: Go Cast Your Nets

A Celebration of Saints

Saint Francis, Peacemaker

Faith and Family: A Less Than Warm Welcome

The Secret Challenge of Lenten Giving

Saint Francis and the Marrow of the Gospel

Finding God in the Darkness of Depression

What Drew Me to the Franciscans

Faith and Family: Telling the Story

In Silence, We Find God

A Doer’s Prayer

Four Great Spanish Saints

Encountering Darkness, Rising from Grief

The Mercy of Saint Francis

Faith and Family: Wedding at Cana

Holy Quotes from Catholic Saints

Jesus and Women

Franciscan Beliefs, Spirituality, and Philosophy

The Origins of the Rosary

Pro-Life Thinking

Jesus’ Brief Ministry

Faith and Family: The Waters of Baptism

Reconciliation: Graced Opportunities

The Paradox of Franciscan Spirituality

Fr. Gary Caster on Mother Teresa

8 Catholic Books Recommended by Franciscan Friars

Faith and Family: We Three Kings

Hail Holy Queen: Our Devotion to Mary

Reality Check for Our Children

The Challenge of Being a Positive Parent

Notes from a Friar: The Mysterious Workings of Grace

My Phobia with the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Faith and Family: Jesus in the Temple

Share Your Light This Christmas

Advent Day 23: Blessed Silence

Advent Day 22: God’s Word Fulfilled

Transformative Waiting

Advent Day 21: Homecoming

Advent Day 20: All Are Welcome

Advent Day 19: Simple Presence

Faith and Family: Mary and Elizabeth

Advent Day 18: You Have Gifts to Offer

Advent Day 17: Don’t Let Regret Hold You Back

Parenting Paralysis: What's Changed About Raising Children?

Advent Day 16: The Gift of Patience

Advent Day 15: Rejoice in Goodness

Advent Day 14: Everything We Want

Advent Day 13: Love Is Always Greater than Things

Advent Day 12: Life Is Too Short

Faith and Family: What Should We Do?

Advent Day 11: Nothing Lasts Forever

Advent Day 10: The Beauty of Simplicity

Christmas Gift Guide: Catholic Books for Children

Christmas Gift Guide: Catholic Books for Teens

Christmas Gift Guide: Books for Future Priests and Aspiring Saints

Advent Day 8: Simplify

Advent Day 7: A DIY Christmas?

Advent Day 6: Hear the Word of God

Advent Day 5: Check Your Foundation

Faith and Family: The Coming of Christ

Advent Day 4: Glorious Abundance for the Senses

Advent Day 3: Don't Forget to Breathe

Advent Day 2: Our Busy Lives

Advent Day 1: The Waiting Time

Advent with Mary

A Quiet Christmas

Homily Helps: Coming of the Son of Man

Family Faith in Action: Be Prepared

Be Thankful Beyond Thanksgiving

Family Faith in Action: Christ Is King

Facing Grief During the Holidays

Don’t Let Family Struggles Get You Down On Thanksgiving

The Saints Are Our Friends

Homily Helps: Be Prepared

Family Faith in Action: Dealing with Life's Trials

We Reflect the Love of Christ

Homily Helps: The Poor Widow

Family Faith in Action: Small Acts of Greatness

Trusting the River

Box of Joy Brings Christmas to Impoverished Kids

Tips for Improving Your Prayer Life

Interconnection of Opposites

Family Faith in Action: The Greatest Commandment

Who's Your Neighbor?

Notes from a Friar: Letting God Love Us

Sisterhood of Saints: Thérèse of Lisieux

Sisterhood of Saints: Hildegard of Bingen

Sisterhood of Saints: Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Homily Helps: The Eyes of Faith

Sisterhood of Saints: Kateri Tekakwitha

Sisterhood of Saints: Joan of Arc

Family Faith in Action: Helping Others

Sisterhood of Saints: Catherine of Siena

Sisterhood of Saints: Bernadette Soubirous

Sisterhood of Saints: Katharine Drexel

Sisterhood of Saints: Clare of Assisi

Sisterhood of Saints: Maria Goretti

Homily Helps: Leadership and Service

Sisterhood of Saints: Josephine Bakhita

Sisterhood of Saints: Frances Xavier Cabrini

Family Faith in Action: The True Meaning of Leadership

Sisterhood of Saints: Margaret of Scotland

Sisterhood of Saints: Elizabeth Ann Seton

Oscar Romero’s Legacy

Saint Teresa of Avila on Prayer

Homily Helps: Wealth and the Kingdom of God

Finding Saints Francis and Clare

Family Faith in Action | October 14

Will I See My Pet in Heaven?

My Friend, Oscar Romero

Saint Francis: A Holy Life

Family Faith in Action | October 7

Lessons from Saint Francis

Celebrating October’s Saints

Reflecting on Death with Francis of Assisi

Family Faith in Action | September 30

Oscar Romero: Journey to Sainthood

Homily Helps: Discipleship Means Serving Others

Ask a Franciscan: Is Every Encyclical Infallible?

Family Faith in Action | September 23

Strive for Love: A Message from Pope Francis

A Franciscan Perspective on Gender Equality

Homily Helps: Jesus on the Meaning of Discipleship

Ask a Franciscan: How Did Evil Begin?

Family Faith in Action | September 16

Believe in Love: A Message from Pope Francis

Hey, Mom and Dad...Slow Down!

Saint Francis and Lady Poverty

Homily Helps: The Reality of Jesus

Models of Faith: Mother Teresa

Ask a Franciscan: ‘I am Consumed with Guilt and Sorrow’

The Sex-Abuse Crisis: How Do We Heal?

Homily Helps: Jesus and the Tradition of the Elders

Homily Helps: Have Faith in Jesus

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Dear Pope Francis: Fix the Clergy Sex-Abuse Crisis Now

The Holy Words of Saint Anthony

Homily Helps: The Reality of the Eucharist

A Reflection on Planet Earth

Leading in Franciscan Ministry Today: It’s about Relationships

Pope Francis and the Blessing of Family: Wisdom in Our Homes

Thomas Merton’s Message of Hope

Saint Clare of Assisi: A Little Plant or a Mighty Oak?

Honoring Saint Clare of Assisi

Homily Helps: Jesus Is the Bread of Life

The Padua Program: Leading a Franciscan Ministry Today

Ask a Franciscan: Why Is There So Much Injustice?

Mothers Unite!

Was Saint Francis a Poet?

W.W.J.D.D? (What Would Jesus' Disciples Do?)

The Padua Program: Called to Serve

Thank You, Murray Bodo

The Franciscan Saints: Padre Pio

The Franciscan Saints: Margaret of Cortona

The Franciscan Saints: Solanus Casey

The Franciscan Saints: Franz Jägerstätter

The Franciscan Saints: Bonaventure

The Franciscan Saints: John XXIII

The Franciscan Saints: Marianne Cope

The Franciscan Saints: Junipero Serra

The Franciscan Saints: Thomas More

The Franciscan Saints: John Duns Scotus

The Franciscan Saints: Jacopone Benedetti

The Franciscan Saints: Agnes of Bohemia

The Franciscan Saints: Maximilian Kolbe

Following Jesus Through Life's Traffic Jams

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: Princess of the Eucharist

How Many Languages Does God Speak?

Take Nothing for the Journey: Living with Less on Pilgrimage in Assisi

Casey Cole, OFM, on the Franciscan Spirit

A Call to Discipleship

The Hour of Our Death

6 Clean Reads for Catholic and Christian Teens

The Pain of Rejection

The Life and Times of Thérèse of Lisieux

Saint Francis and the Word of God

Thea Bowman: Freedom Fighter

What Is a Catholic Pilgrimage?

Embracing God's Wisdom

Holy Quotes from Franciscan Saints

7 Award-Winning Catholic Books

Francis and Junipero: Two Saints, One Vision

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Richard Rohr on the Legacy of Thomas Merton

The Best Place to Pray

The Joys of Fatherhood

Has God Ever Called You?

How Saint Anthony Found Me

Holy Quotes from Pope Francis

Traveling to Sacred Sites across America

Can We Earn God's Love?

Learn to Discern Your Vocation in an Age of Constant Hustle

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Pray Where You Are and Be As God Made You

7 Habits of Prayerful People

Mary, Our Path to Jesus

Saint Francis and the ‘Canticle of the Creatures’

Discovering the Art and Truth of Thomas Merton

Mary, Mother to Us All

In Praise of Mothers and Grandmothers

Like-Minded: Saint Francis and Pope Francis

God Didn't Have to Make it Beautiful

The Importance of Self-Care

My Rosary Story

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

Mary, the First Disciple

Pope Francis on Motherhood

Saint Francis of Assisi: Peacemaker

Talking to God: Morning Prayers

The Bullet: A Story of Gun Violence and American Industry

Do Animals Go to Heaven?

The Peace Prayer of Saint Francis

Saving Our Battered Earth

Seeking God with Sister Rose: Angels I Have Met

What Is Stewardship? How Is Talent Involved?

Why Pray the Rosary?

The Miracle Season

What Is Stewardship? How Is Time Involved?

Learning to Live Poorer: A Meditation for Lent

Lent with Br. Casey: Called to Fail

One with God during Lent

Lent with Pope Francis: Loving the Least of These

Lent with Mother Teresa: Holy Resistance

Lent with Pope Francis: God's Dream for Us

Lenten Recipe: African Sweet Potato Peanut Soup

Lent with Br. Casey: Called to Mission, Together

Young People Answer God's Call

A Lesson for Lent: Carry the Cross of Jesus

Lent with Pope Francis: Seeing Those Closest to Us

Live Like Mother Teresa: Finding Your Own Calcutta

Lent with Mother Teresa: Little Gifts of Grace

Lent with Br. Casey: Filling a Hungry Heart

40 Days of Lent: Meditate on the Lord's Passion

Lenten Recipe: Crispy Baked Seafood Patties

Lent with Br. Casey: Called to Seek Insecurity

Lent with Pope Francis: Trusting When We Don't Understand

Lent with Br. Casey: Death

Lent with Br. Casey: Keep Going

Seeking God with Sister Rose: ‘Lord, Give Me a Sign!’

Lenten Recipe: Baked Mediterranean Fish

Lent with Br. Casey: Called to Share Our Lives

Lent with Mother Teresa: Seventy-Seven Times?

Seeking God with Sister Rose: Lest We Forget...

Lent with Br. Casey: Confidence

Lent with Br. Casey: Identity

Lenten Recipe: Hot Cross Buns

Lent with Br. Casey: Called to Pray

40 Days of Lent: Contemplating God

Lent with Br. Casey: Restoring What Has Been Distorted

Lenten Recipe: Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Lent with Br. Casey: Called to Discern

Lent: The Ultimate Transformation

Friar Frank Jasper on the Impact of Franciscan Media

Jesus and the Women of the Gospels

Ask a Franciscan: Can We Sing the Our Father?

Seeking God with Sister Rose: Prayers for David

A Closer Look at Heaven

A Symphony of Priestly Prayer

Mary Knows Your Voice

How Our Friars Share the Spirit of Saint Francis

Richard Rohr on Saint Francis and Saint Paul

March for Life with Mary

Be Childlike—As Mary Was

Dorothy Day and the Saints

Live Like Saint Francis

Saints: Our Guides to God

Everyday Mercy

Forgiveness Doesn't Mean Forgetting

Thank You, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

It's Time to Speak Up about Sexual Harassment

Let There Be Light: A Christmas Prayer

Looking Into the Soul of Christmas

Santa Claus: A Figure of Generosity

Mary: The Woman at the Heart of the Christmas Story

The Face of Jesus

Advent with Mother Teresa: O Root of Jesse

Friar Pat on the Peace of Christmas

Make Room to Give This Christmas

St. Anthony Messenger’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

And a Child Shall Lead Us: An Advent Meditation

National Catholic Reporter Honors Late Catholic Writer Brian Doyle

Franciscan Corner: Where the Friars Meet the People

A Simple Thanksgiving Prayer

Daily Advent Messages of Peace

5 Catholic Books on Gratitude and Thankfulness

Solanus Casey's Beatification Explained

Making Thanksgiving a Spiritual Meal

The Importance of Saying Thanks

Models of Mercy: Dorothy Day

Food for Thought This Thanksgiving

John Duns Scotus: His View of Christ

In Memory of Departed Catholic Authors

We Are All Called to be Saints

Surrounded by Saints

Last Call: Grace and Getting Sober

Catholic Marriage in the Middle

Pope John Paul II and Suffering

Friar Dan Reflects on Matthew 4:19

The Boy Who Would Become Pope Francis

Saint Francis for Seekers

Reflections on the Stigmata of Saint Francis

Pope Francis, Saint Francis, and Our Ecological Challenge

Where Was God? A Franciscan Response to the Las Vegas Shooting

The Legacy of the Franciscans

A Message from Pat McCloskey, OFM

The Stigmata of Saint Francis

Saint Francis of Assisi and the Animals

The Legacy of Saint Francis of Assisi

Pope Francis: Love Is His Mission

Mother Mary, Teach Us to Love

Pope Francis, the Peacemaker

Father Stanley Rother: First American Martyr

Your First Rosary

A Franciscan Perspective on Immigration

Your Field Guide to Flying Saints

Mother Teresa on Mother Mary

The Beatitude Attitude

Meditations on Walking the Underground Railroad

Catholic Charities USA: Rebuilding After the Storms

Walking with Immigrants

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