A Franciscan Stations of the Cross

Posted by Franciscan Media on 2/16/18 2:01 PM

Richard Goodin OFM

“Lent is a favorable season for deepening our spiritual lives through the means of fasting, prayer and almsgiving,” Pope Francis says. “At the basis of everything is Jesus, which, during this season, we are invited to ponder more deeply.”

Richard Goodin, OFM, vocations director for the St. John the Baptist Province in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers a Franciscan perspective on the Stations of the Cross.

Station 1: Jesus Is Condemned to Death

Station 2: Jesus Takes Up the Cross

Station 3: Jesus Falls for the First Time

Station 4: Jesus Meets His Mother

Station 5: Jesus Receives Help from Simon the Cyrene

Station 6: Jesus Encounters Veronica's Kindness

Station 7: Jesus Falls for the Second Time

Station 8: Jesus Encounters the Women of Jerusalem

Station 9: Jesus Falls for the Third Time 

Station 10: Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes

Station 11: Jesus Is Crucified

Station 12: Jesus Dies

Station 13: Jesus Is Taken Down From the Cross

Station 14: Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb


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