Pope Francis's Winning Smile

Posted by Susan Hines-Brigger on 9/23/15, 6:36 PM

20150922cnsnw0328_800-1.jpgThat smile. Oh, that smile. When Pope Francis exited the plane at Joint Base Andrews, it was there. Those present for the welcome erupted. How could you not?

His smile—and his wit—have drawn people to him, as well as back to the Church. He seems to be able to spread his message without seeming condescending or authoritarian. But it is a message which he is not afraid to preach. It is a message he most certainly will be sharing during this visit. This morning he is at the White House, tomorrow he is at Congress. Later this week, he will be at the UN, along with that smile.

People I have talked to here in DC—both Catholic and non-Catholic—feel drawn to this pope. For those who question his teachings, the pope says, “I’m ready to recite the Creed.” Of course, he said it with a smile.

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CNS photo/Bob Roller


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