Pope Francis Explains the Call of God

Posted by Guest Blogger on 9/17/15 5:50 PM

shutterstock_245747281-2.jpgOur blog today is an excerpt from Franciscan Media's new book The Spirit of Saint Francis: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis, edited by Alicia von Stamwitz.

In our cities and villages there are brave men and others who are timid, there are Christian missionaries and others who are asleep. And there are many who are searching, even if they do not admit it. Everyone is called, everyone is sent out.

However, the place of the call is not necessarily the parish center; the moment is not necessarily a pleasant parish event. The call of God can reach us on the assembly line and in the office, in the supermarket and in the stairwell, that is, in the places of everyday life.

Speaking about God, bringing the message of God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ to men is the duty of all the baptized. And this duty involves, not only speaking with words, but in all one’s actions and way of doing things. Our whole being should speak of God, even in the ordinary things. In this way witness is authentic, and thus shall it always be new and fresh in the power of the Holy Spirit.

"Every Christian can witness to God in the workplace, not only with words, but above all with an honest life." –Pope Francis

Love is Our Mission Pope Francis in America
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