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Bridging the Digital Divide

Posted by Susan Hines-Brigger on 8/4/15 10:36 AM

shutterstock_294416933.jpgThe other night I was working in our upstairs office when I got an instant message on the computer from Mark--who was just downstairs watching TV--asking me to check something in the office for him.

Now mind you, we don’t live in a 14-story house where it would be quite an endeavor for him to hike all the way up to the office and check on whatever it was he needed. No, it is one flight of stairs--18 steps to be exact.

When I IM’d him back pointing this out, he said it was just easier and quicker this way. Yeah, seems like thanks to technology a lot of things are easier and quicker these days--and way more detached.

One of my friends commented on the social media phenomena recently when he noted that he is terrified of having more virtual friends than actual ones--a real possibility these days.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all electronic communication is bad. For instance, when Mark’s out of town for business, e-mails, Facebook and instant messaging are a godsend to keep us connected. But the problem comes when he comes home and it starts creeping into our everyday lives--like instant messaging each other between floors.

Staying connected when you’re married can be tough enough. Letting the digital world creep into your relationship--adding yet another level of distance between the two of you--can make it even more difficult.

So make sure to schedule some time when the two of you put down the phones, log out of Facebook and stop checking your e-mail every half hour--something of which I’m very guilty. Reconnect with each other--face to face and completely unplugged.


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