Living a Good Christian Life

Posted by Judy Zarick on 7/1/15 8:43 PM

shutterstock_280982405-saints.jpgWe talk a lot about being committed to living a Christian life, but what does it really mean? Going to Mass on Sundays, receiving the sacraments and actively praying are all good ways of being a witness to the Gospel and living a good Christian life.

But how do we really connect with people, especially young people who are seeking answers to the meaning of life in this increasingly secularized, individualized and materialistic society?

Let’s take for example the message of chastity. Where and how do you think a young person today is going to hear the message from Church that sex is beautiful but should be saved for marriage? Well, they’re probably not going to hear it in Church. They’re going to have to hear it from other people. The Church can teach us lots of wonderful things but if people don’t see it being lived out, chances are they’re not going to pay attention.

I know that actions always speak louder than words. When I start feeling down about some scandal or imperfection in our Church’s history, I look to people like Mother Teresa or even our new Pope Francis and know they love the Church, so there must be something to this Catholic faith worth looking into.

And to boost my understanding even more I like to look into the lives of the saints. They may seem like historical figures, but when you really learn about their lives, you find out that they were just like you and me—struggling with their faith. If we can follow their example and emulate their qualities, then we, too, can become role models for others, especially our children.

Catholic saints are ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives. I recommend you try the "Saint of the Day" app which has made it much easier for me to find out more about them in an easy and convenient way. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.


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