The Gift of Life

Posted by Judy Zarick on 5/14/15 1:04 PM

generations-shutterstock_222028756-120x120.jpgThis past Sunday here in the United States we celebrated Mother’s Day—a day when we reflect on that special family relationship from the various perspectives through which we approach it. For example, I myself am a mother, and I am also a daughter of my mother who is still alive. Many of you celebrated the memories of your deceased mothers, as my own mother did. Still others bear the most indescribable pain of motherhood—having lost a child to death through miscarriage, stillbirth, illness, accident, or even murder or execution.

But whether we visit our mothers in person, call them on the phone or by computer, or simply keep them alive in our hearts, we thank God them and for the many spiritual gifts that mothers and children share.


Photo by Yoshi-5/Shutterstock

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