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Created to Relate: God's Design for Peace and Joy

Posted by Guest Blogger on 5/27/15 1:00 PM

03B39488-300x200.jpgOur guest blogger today is Kelly M. Wahlquist, author of Created to Relate: God's Design for Peace and Joy.

As a woman created to relate, you can tap into a divine peace. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting cancer, battling depression, taking care of aging parents, sleep-deprived from tending to young children, or feeling as though you are under a heap of bills and will never see the light of day. God’s peace has been promised to you since the beginning of creation. Just rest in him and let his peace fill your heart.

Here are some ways to break down the barriers to peace while strengthening your relationship with Christ:

Surrender your anxiety. Simply say: “Jesus, I trust in you; Jesus, I trust in you.” Or, if you are struggling with trusting the Lord at that moment, ask Mary to help you trust her Son. She will always bring you to him.

Meditate on his Word. Spend a few moments each day in the Scriptures. Let God’s promises become part of your daily life. Take comfort in knowing that God will fully satisfy our hearts now and forever. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: Psalm 16:11; John 6:45; John 7:37–38; Philippians 3:8–9.

Pray. Try carving out a daily prayer time. Designate a place to pray—perhaps a room, or a specific area in a room. Add a candle, some soft lighting, your favorite icon, a statue of the Blessed Mother, and so on. Make it a place where you feel comfortable—a place you long to be.

Serve others. Take your eyes off your own suffering by entering into a relationship with the poor, the lonely, or the elderly. Check to see if you parish has a ministry you can get involved in that serves those in need.

Listen. Set aside time each day for quietness. It is in the stillness that you can hear the voice of God. Take five minutes a day to unplug, log out, and disconnect. Simply rest in the presence of God.

To learn more about Created to Relate, click here.

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