Your (Imperfect) Holy Family

Posted by Robert J. Hater on Jul 13, 2019 7:00:00 AM

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The following activities can enrich your family life. Adapt the activities to meet the needs of your family or create your own activities.

Neighborhood Picnic. Gather together with several families and friends from your neighborhood or parish community for a picnic. Ask the participants to bring food and music that represent their ethnic backgrounds. At some point during the picnic, ask everyone to share a story that characterizes one’s family heritage.

Family Tree. Use poster board or craft paper to construct a family tree representing at least three generations of your family. If possible, attach photos of each person on the family tree. Talk about what each member contributed to family life. Point out how members of the family resemble one another.

Healing Family Divisions. Most families experience division and separation at some point. Think about a person in your family who is not too involved with the family. Pray for this person, asking the Lord to show you the circumstances that contributed to this person’s behavior. Ask the Lord to guide you in healing the relationship.

Single Mothers and Fathers. If you have unused baby items, gather them together and donate them to the local Right-to-Life League or another organization that helps pregnant mothers. If you have available time, consider volunteering to counsel single mothers and fathers.

Celebrating Christmas. Find out your family’s Christmas customs by asking parents or grandparents to share them with you. Revive the ones you think your family will enjoy. Begin a custom in which your family invites someone who is alone, or in some way neglected during this season, to share a Christmas meal with you.

The Feast of the Holy Family. This often forgotten feast day falls on the Sunday between Christmas and January 1. Do something special with your family on this day. Ideas include going to brunch after Sunday Mass, bringing home a special pastry or fruit to celebrate the occasion, blessing your home, or visiting a relative or someone in a nursing home.

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