A Simple Thanksgiving Prayer

by Franciscan Media on 11/23/17 8:00 AM


Thanksgiving: A Feast of Gratitude

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Often when asked to name a special family time, people’s responses cluster around meals:...

Don’t Let Family Struggles Get You Down This Thanksgiving

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5 Catholic Books on Gratitude and Thankfulness

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Making Thanksgiving a Spiritual Meal

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Our existence at its most elemental dimension depends on food.

Once when we asked my little...

The Importance of Saying Thanks

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When my daughter, Madison, was beginning to talk, my husband, Mark, and I found ourselves...

Food for Thought This Thanksgiving

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As much as I would like to cut to the chase and reveal the eternal interplay between good food...

A Thanksgiving Prayer

by Nick Luken on 11/21/16 2:17 PM

During this Thanksgiving week, we’ll surely see a lot of reminders to be thankful for what we...