What Drew Me to the Franciscans

by Roger Lopez, OFM on 2/2/18 7:00 AM

More than 40 years ago, Murray Bodo, OFM, wrote what is perhaps the seminal modern biography of...

Richard Rohr on Saint Francis and Saint Paul

by Mark Lombard on 1/24/18 7:00 AM

Saint Francis of Assisi was a right-brain thinker, drawing on intuitions and emotional...

Pope Francis, Saint Francis, and Our Ecological Challenge

by Christopher Heffron on 10/6/17 7:00 AM

It’s no secret that we Americans have a dependency on our cars. In fact, the Sierra Club, one...

The Legacy of the Franciscans

by Robert Ellsberg on 10/5/17 7:00 AM

Robert Ellsberg discusses Franciscan Media and the Franciscan faith community.


When the...

The Stigmata of Saint Francis

by Jack Wintz, OFM on 10/2/17 7:00 AM

The Chapel of the Stigmata is perched on the edge of the same sheer precipice where Saint Francis

What's Not-So-Special about Franciscan Spirituality

by Daniel P. Horan, OFM on 9/27/17 7:00 AM

Some of my Franciscan sisters and brothers will not like what I’m about to write here. And what...

Saint Francis of Assisi and the Animals

by John Feister on 9/26/17 7:00 AM


It's hard to separate Francis of Assisi and animals. Stories abound of how this great saint...

Saint Francis in Over-the-Rhine

by Christopher Heffron on 9/15/17 7:00 AM

In 2009’s Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges won a well-deserved Oscar for playing Bad Blake, an aging...

Saint Francis and the Power of Prayer

by Pat McCloskey, OFM on 9/1/17 7:00 AM

Our lives are so easily fragmented between responsibilities to friends, family, employers,...

Bernard of Quintavalle, First Companion of Saint Francis

by Robert Ellsberg on 8/30/17 7:00 AM

Bernard, one of the wealthiest young men of Assisi, became intrigued by reports about one of...