Parenting Paralysis: What's Changed About Raising Children?

by Dr. Ray Guarendi on 4/16/18 7:00 AM

In this excerpt from Being a Grandparent: Just Like Being a Parent … Only Different!, Dr. Ray...

The Search for Real J.O.Y.

by Teresa Tomeo on 10/10/16 7:00 AM



Our pope has a huge amount...

Advice for Parents: Let Siblings Work It Out

by Dr. Ray Guarendi on 8/26/16 7:00 AM


Let’s say I’m a nine-year-old...

Live the Example and Children Will Follow

by Dr. Ray Guarendi on 8/8/16 7:00 AM

Walk the talk. Show, don’t tell. Values are caught, not taught—all variations of one theme: A good...

Let Children Express Themselves

by Dr. Ray Guarendi on 7/31/16 12:05 PM


Advice Worth Ignoring for Families

by Dr. Ray Guarendi on 7/24/16 10:49 AM


Smart people learn from their...

The Joys of Fatherhood

by Guest Blogger on 6/18/16 11:31 PM

In the dark of night, my eyes opened. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself sitting up...

My Son, My Hero: A Father's Day Reflection

by Guest Blogger on 6/12/16 11:00 AM
Image: ZQ.ow, flickr.

When my wife, Vicki, and I were told that our son, Brandon, had a severe case...

Seeing Teens for Who They Are

by Guest Blogger on 5/2/16 7:00 AM
Image: Greg Raines.

Like many teens I’ve worked with, I didn’t grow up in the most functional of...

The Challenge of Being a Positive Parent

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 4/15/16 7:00 AM
Image: Joshua Clay.

The other day during a leadership seminar I’m taking, the instructor said...