Mother Teresa: Extending a Loving Hand to All

by Maryanne Raphael on 9/7/17 7:00 AM

On December 13, 1979, Mother Teresa went to the Iranian embassy in Rome. America was concerned...

Teresa of Calcutta: The Church's Newest Saint

by Heidi Hess Saxton on 9/5/16 7:00 AM


By blood she was Albanian.

By law she was Indian.

By faith she was Catholic.

By calling she...

My Friend, Mother Teresa

by Guest Blogger on 8/22/16 7:00 AM

I'll never forget when I heard that Mother Teresa had died. I heard a reporter announce, "Mother...

A Priest Remembers Mother Teresa

by Guest Blogger on 8/16/16 7:00 AM
Image: Blessed Teresa of Kolkata cares for a sick man in an undated photo. (CNS photo/KNA)


Mother Teresa on the Power of Silence

by Guest Blogger on 8/9/16 10:19 PM

Mother Teresa was a friend of silence. As author Kerry Weber writes, "The reason silence was so...

Mother Teresa's Compassion and Mercy

by Melanie Rigney on 8/3/16 7:00 AM
Image: Mazur/ Mass in Westminster Cathedral in honour of Mary Ward and the...

Mother Teresa: A Saint Who Conquered Darkness

by Kerry Walters on 7/15/16 6:30 AM

One of Mother Teresa’s deepest fears after she founded the Missionaries of Charity was that she...

Mother Teresa: ‘The Saint of the Gutters’

by John Feister on 7/13/16 7:00 PM

On October 19, 2003, Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who died in...

Mother Teresa: A Holy Life

by Joan Guntzelman on 7/11/16 2:30 PM


Mother Teresa was a force of nature and wholly unique. She was always her own person,...

Mother Teresa's Doubts Reveal a Deep Faith

by Jim Van Vurst, OFM on 7/10/16 1:30 PM
Image: Mother Teresa is pictured holding a candle in this undated photo. (CNS)

I have always...