Mychal Judge: Saying Yes and Accepting God's Grace

Fr. Mychal simply wished to go where God needed him. And he could never refuse God anything. “The wonderful thing is saying yes and accepting God’s grace. We could say no and walk away. But when we say yes and go forward, great and wonderful things will happen,” Fr. Mychal reportedly said.

“It takes courage in the midst of fear, but you do it with the grace of God.” Great courage is what Fr. Mychal showed the world throughout his life and on the day when the world needed courage. On the darkest day, when the world needed to be reminded of Christ’s love, Fr. Mychal Judge showed us that light.

–from the book Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage

The Stages of Faith

Faith requires perseverance. It often grows in stages. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we walk away. So often, we must crawl. Whether we consciously admit to it or not, our faith—our life in Christ—has sustained us throughout the ups and downs of our lives. It has sustained us in moments of new life and in death, at times of sickness, and at those times when we struggle to give meaning to painful situations.

—from the book Meeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life

Our Heavenly Home

God knows that places mold and shape us. Just like the poor who are specially sheltered in his love and know him intimately as their consoler, he offers himself to us as both the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, and the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. From a land covered in green pastures and rolling in still waters, we are invited to look to our heavenly homeland, to which we are ever being called.

—from the book Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

Seeking God

Lord, I long to see you. With my own eyes, I want to see you myself, see you for who you really are. Not through another's eyes.

I’ve heard so much about you. How much is opinion? How much is hearsay? How much is truth? I want to know for myself. I want to hear with my own ears. Please come near, Lord, as you pass by today.

I am out on a limb, waiting for you, out of my comfort zone. And as you come, overwhelm me with the wonder that it is not I who seek you, nearly so much as it is you who seeks me.


—from the book Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

What Can I Offer?

What an incredible, glorious thought: that you are with me, Lord, leading me and guiding me every moment, and that you are building a sanctuary in me with my very own offerings. I want to offer everything! But I confess a tremor of fear, because my offerings have not been generous. I need to know that you love me unconditionally, even though the tabernacle of my body and heart is not always pure enough to welcome you.

What can I offer you, today, as a welcome present?


—from the book Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

The Consistency of God

If God is not schizophrenic but utterly consistent, why does Jesus come to us so differently from Moses? What does the springtime, pastoral Galilean setting communicate? What emotions play across Jesus’s face as he eases his overflowing heart in the company of those wholly devoted to him? Are you amazed at every word, the cadence of each syllable? Why or why not?

Reread the Sermon on the Mount. As you read, think, “Do I believe him?”

What should you do now?

—from the book Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

The People the Lord Came to Save

The very people the Lord came to save are those who live in constant fear and who have nothing to live on but hope. The fact that they live in dire poverty is not by their own choice, but the choice they make to live in voluntary poverty is the absolute realization of their gift from God. This dynamic and vibrant faith comes from a place where those of us who live with a decent roof over our heads and who take the basic necessities of life for granted can never experience or even imagine. 

—from the book Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

Meeting God in the Upper Room