God Is Not Fair

That God is not fair is actually one among many reasons for gratitude, albeit in a way counterintuitive to our usual thinking. The simple premise here is that God’s way is not our way, God’s love is not conditioned like our love, God’s mercy is not bound as ours is, and God does not discriminate or reward a person according to the standards of a given society, no matter how widespread such criteria may be. (Thank God!)

—from the book God Is Not Fair, and Other Reasons for Gratitude, by Daniel P. Horan, OFM

God is Not Fair by Dan Horan, OFM

Living the Truth in Love

We who bear the name Christ and call ourselves Christian should do his works according to his Word, but so often we mistake our own social, cultural, and personal desires for the Word of God. This is how some self-identified Christians end up committing all sorts of hatred, discrimination, and violence. But this is also how more ordinary women and men like you and me, who also bear the name Christ, end up judging and excluding, seeking wealth, and ignoring the poor, advancing our own power while marginalizing those who already have no voice. This is not the truth about which Jesus speaks.

Jesus’s truth, the truth of the Word of God, is a truth of radical relationship and self-sacrificial love. It is a love of neighbor and stranger and enemy that is peace that the world cannot give. It is a truth that is not so much easily understood as challengingly lived out.


–from the book God Is Not Fair, And Other Reasons for Gratitude

Meeting God in the Upper Room