May His Will Be Done

The heart of our prayer of petition must be what Jesus told us to pray in the Our Father: Your will be done. We should want what He wants, knowing that His will is “good and pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2).

-from A 40-Day Spiritual Workout for Catholics

Sacred Spaces

Sacred space is a concept that is familiar to most Catholics. When we enter a church, it is instinctive for many of us to kneel or bow or go to the holy water font to bless ourselves because this space is different from all other kinds of places. We know that we have entered God’s house. The space is made holy because God is there.

-from Meeting God in the Upper Room

Don't Take it Personally

We might not be able to control how people react to us, or see us, or feel about us. But we can train ourselves not to be crushed. We can learn not to take it personally—even if it’s personal.

-from Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough

A Grateful Heart

Heavenly Father, give me a grateful heart for the sacrifice your son has made on my behalf and on behalf of the whole world. Let me live with a freedom that acknowledges what Jesus has done for us by his death on the cross. I ask this in his name, Amen.

-from Faith, Hope & Clarity

O Mighty Lord

We stand in the middle of the presence of God and are not afraid because Emmanuel is with us. We are set free from fear because we know we are not alone. Recognizing that gift, then, we can become for one another the living Emmanuel. Our love can burn as brightly and consistently as the burning bush in which God appeared to Moses.

-from Let Us Adore Him

Radiant Dawn

We believe that the day of the Lord is rising among us, and even if we sit in the darkness and the shadows of death, we believe that light will shine—the light of justice, the light eternal.

-from Let Us Adore Him

Motherly Prayers

Oh Jesus, bring me closer to your Mother, who in turn will bring me close to you. Mary, as your child, I rely on your motherly prayers. Your whole life was devoted to making Jesus known and loved. Pray for me to love him more this year than ever before.

-from A Eucharistic Christmas 

Perseverance is Key

Perseverance is a key to making any long-lasting change in life. Most New Year’s resolutions last only a few weeks. How can you persevere in your devotion to the Blessed Sacrament in the year ahead? Make a plan for daily prayer, and ask Jesus for help to stick with it.

-from A Eucharistic Christmas 

Rooted in Christ

When we are rooted in Christ, we are rooted in an ancestry of many who have gone before us. We stand in the light of the teachings that come to us from Scripture, and the teachings that come to us from the wisdom of the Catholic community. We stand in the wisdom of Jesus Christ, the one who becomes for us the person and hope in which we are rooted.

-from Let Us Adore Him

Full of Gratitude

Oh Jesus, I am full of gratitude that you have taught me about your real presence and the joy that comes from spending time with you. Give me the grace to be faithful, because the most important thing in my life is to surrender to you and know you better. Teach me to serve others—to give my time and resources to those in need. Let me lose myself and find you.

-from A Eucharistic Christmas