Make It Worth It

Through the sacrifice of the Mass, we have the opportunity to join our sufferings to Christ’s sufferings, to fill up that which is lacking in his afflictions for the sake of the Church. If we can attach meaning to our suffering, if there is some value in what we are experiencing, we can endure anything. Think about it: Nothing in life has meaning unless we attach meaning to it.

-from When You Suffer

God's Saving Love

Like the apostles who were sent forth from the Upper Room out into the world, each week, each one of us is sent forth from our parish church to the world to be witnesses to Jesus’s saving love. Pope Francis writes “every Christian is challenged, here and now, to be actively engaged in evangelization; indeed, anyone who has truly experienced God’s saving love does not need much time or lengthy training to go out and proclaim that love.”

-from Meeting God in the Upper Room

The Right Path

To figure out how we want to spend our time is our birthright. To develop our imagination is our sacred responsibility. To continue on the path we know is right for us—not necessarily for anybody else—with very little, if any, encouragement or validation is our primary task.

-from Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough

Forgive Quickly

The point is to forgive quickly and allow God the space to work in you and in your enemy. We may also need that same forgiveness and mercy someday.

-from Mother Angelica: Her Grand Silence

Praise God's Glory

Ultimately, God's will for us isn't complicated. He wants us to live with Him forever in Heaven: "We who first hoped in Christ have been destined and appointed to live for the praise of His glory" (Ephesians 1:12). 

-from Faith, Hope & Clarity

Affirm God's Will

Lord God, voice of truth, thank you for my voice. Thank you for having given me a way to whisper grace and sing out your goodness and affirm your will with conviction.

-from Who Does He Say You Are?

Unnoticed Actions

A hero is cultivated by countless—often unnoticed—actions. They are ordinary humans—you and me—who direct their decisions and actions to be strengthened by goodness, compassion, integrity, and righteousness.

-from Deep Adventure

United with Christ

Traditional Catholic prayer is fundamentally oriented to Christ and his body, the Church, and its sacraments. It recognizes that Christ continues to live out his paschal mystery in the lives of the faithful and understands that prayer is the key to remaining united to him at all times.

-from Prayer in the Catholic Tradition

Making Good Use of Time

We may not owe anyone money, but we may be withholding our deepest selves. Out of resentment, the desire for a kind of revenge, we may have deprived certain people, and the world, of our talents, time, and gifts.

-from Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough

It's Not Easy

If we wish to follow Christ closely, we cannot choose an easy, quiet life. It will be a demanding life, but full of joy. –Pope Francis

-from The Spirit of Saint Francis