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Self-Care, Self-Compassion, and Christian Suffering

  When I wrote about self-care in When We Were Eve, it was my desire to give women permission to plumb the depths of what they really need, both at bodily level and a spiritual one, and to pursue meeting those needs with the understanding that loving yourself well is a path to health and wholeness. It leads not to an excess of self-love, but to a freedom to love Christ and others more.
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Finding Courage in Suffering: Blood, Sweat and Tears

I didn’t read the Bible growing up. The truth is, aside from Sunday Mass, holy days, weddings and the occasional greeting card or crossword puzzle, I was never really exposed to Holy Scripture. As I became friends with other Christians of all denominations, I was often amazed at their command of God’s Word. I also felt somewhat cheated by my own church for leaving me so ignorant of the Word of God.
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Saint Francis and Suffering

Image: Igor Spasic. Might the authority of those who suffer bring the diverse cultural and social worlds together? —Johann Baptist Metz
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Christ: Our Remedy for Suffering

Image: Jayakumar Ananthan. “Just offer it up.” Some of us grew up hearing this phrase from our Catholic parents. Even if we heard that phrase repeatedly, we most likely didn’t understand fully what it meant. Certainly this is a foreign phrase to our Protestant brothers and sisters. It sounds strange—after all, what does God want with my broken arm or seven stitches in my knee?
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