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The Bullet: A Story of Gun Violence and American Industry

In this excerpt from Eight Whopping Lies and Other Stories of Bruised Grace, author Brian Doyle explores the provenance of a single bullet used to injure an American soldier.
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National Catholic Reporter Honors Late Catholic Writer Brian Doyle

[This article originally appeared in the October 6-19, 2017 issue of the National Catholic Reporter.] Brian Doyle — poet, essayist and novelist — died too young from what he called "a big honkin' brain tumor" at age 60. He was "arguably" (as critics say) one of the best Catholic writers of his generation.
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In Memory of Departed Catholic Authors

To mark the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (aka All Souls' Day), we wish to remember the authors we've had the honor of publishing who passed away in 2017. Their memories live on in their books and in the lives they touched.  
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Your First Rosary

Your grandmother gave it to you for your First Communion. It came in a hinged box just like the one in which engagement rings crouch importantly. She handed it to you after the epic Mass at which you received Your First Communion. You were still dressed in your awkward uncomfortable first dark suit in which you looked like a tiny businessman or your rustling uncomfortable white dress in which you looked like a tiny debutante.
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The Third Order of Saint Francis: A Note

When I was perhaps ten years old my mother and father, devout Catholics who sought a deeper and more intimate spiritual experience than just their parish life, began attending meetings of the Third Order of Saint Francis, one of the many tertiary clans in the Church; the first two Orders being men and women who have sworn vows and belong to one of Catholicism’s many congregations of priests, monks, brothers, and sisters.
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