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Spreading God’s Love

Early in the spring, when the sun first begins to warm the Earth, the sweet smelling fir trees growing high in the Mexican mountains begin to come alive with the sound of millions of fluttering wings. The Monarch butterflies, which have migrated all the way from Canada to find their safe haven amongst these branches, will awaken from their long winter’s nap.
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Transforming with God

The two week old, two-inch-long caterpillar is now 2,000 times the size she was upon hatching. If an average human baby weighing eight pounds were to have this type of growth, it would be nearly eight miles tall and weigh in at eight tons after only two weeks! It is hard to imagine such rapid growth in so short of a time period! It is due to the butterfly's nutritious diet. Remember: you are what you eat!
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Hungry for God

In only four to six days after being deposited on a milkweed leaf, a Monarch caterpillar hatches from its shell. Guess what. It’s very hungry!
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Created to Soar: God’s Plan for Us

Did you know that every single caterpillar that ever creeped upon this earth was intended to become a butterfly or moth? Do you know why? Because each caterpillar had either butterflies or moths for parents. Amazing! They grow up to resemble those who created them.
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