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The Challenge of Being a Positive Parent

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 4/15/16 7:00 AM
Image: Joshua Clay.

The other day during a leadership seminar I’m taking, the instructor said...

Year of Mercy: It's a Family Affair

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 4/10/16 8:16 AM
Image: Fresco at Parz Castle, Allegory of Mercy.

One night, I came home from a busy day at work. As...

Connecting Food and Faith

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 2/27/16 2:00 PM
Image: shutterstock.

These days, families seem to be busier than ever. Unfortunately, one of the...

A Reflection on Psalm 139

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 2/18/16 11:55 AM
You have searched me,   Lord ,

    and you know me.You know when I sit and when I rise; ...

Why I'm Still Catholic

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 1/20/16 10:57 AM
Image: Daniel Kainz.

It was an honest question. After listening to me recount all my frustrations...

What Are Your Blessings?

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 12/1/15 7:30 AM
Image: Benjamin Combs.

This past summer, my kids and I decided to grow a garden. We planned on...

Thanksgiving Should Be a Verb

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 11/25/15 3:52 AM

Sometimes it’s easier to think of all the bad things—bombings, murders, illness, misfortune—in...

Revisiting Pope Francis' US Trip

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 10/2/15 11:29 AM

After I returned from my time in Washington, DC, where I covered that leg of the papal visit, I...

Pope Francis on Divorce and Remarriage

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 9/30/15 7:15 PM

During his August 5 general audience, Pope Francis addressed the issue of divorced and civilly...

Pope Francis in the U.S. Day 2—DC and NYC

by Susan Hines-Brigger on 9/24/15 6:48 PM

On This Day in History

When Pope Francis addressed a joint session of the US Congress on...