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What Do Cell Phones Have to Do with Lent?

Pope Francis always challenges us. I noticed a post in a blog, or it might have been a Facebook feed, or a meme on Instagram, that said the pope is prompting us to spend as much time with the Bible as we do with our cell phones. I thought that was good advice for others, but certainly not for me.

As Lent begins, Pope Francis has been asking us to think of our Bibles, to be in them more than we are our cell phones. In his Angelus address he asked “What would happen were we to treat the Bible as we treat our mobile phone?; were we to always carry it with us? . . . were we to turn back when we forget it?”

Finding the Purpose of Suffering

PavelPrichystal | ShutterstockIt's been months since the loss of my grandmother, but my family is still stinging from the thought that we won’t be able to see her the way we did. Grandma spent these last years in a nursing home. As my mind wanders, I think, selfishly, that my routines will change. I won’t be able to pick up hot donuts on my trips to New York and swing by to have an early morning visit with her.