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What Will Your Legacy Be?

by Judy Zarick on 5/21/18 7:18 AM

Your faith is an important focus of your life—which is why you visit our websites or read our...

Advent: The Beginning of a New Year

by Judy Zarick on 12/3/15 2:00 AM

This week we begin our celebration of Advent. This time of year can bring to mind really great...

An Advent Reflection with Kelly Wahlquist

by Judy Zarick on 12/2/15 2:00 AM



Enjoy this Advent reflection from author Kelly Wahlquist!


How Do We Handle Immigration?

by Judy Zarick on 8/12/15 10:50 AM

You can’t hardly go a day or two without seeing something in the headlines that relates to...

Living a Good Christian Life

by Judy Zarick on 7/1/15 8:43 PM

We talk a lot about being committed to living a Christian life, but what does it really mean?...

The Gift of Life

by Judy Zarick on 5/14/15 1:04 PM

This past Sunday here in the United States we celebrated Mother’s Day—a day when we reflect on...