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A Franciscan Stations of the Cross

by Franciscan Media on 2/16/18 2:01 PM

“Lent is a favorable season for deepening our spiritual lives through the means of fasting,...

Friar Frank Jasper on the Impact of Franciscan Media

by Franciscan Media on 2/12/18 3:40 PM

Father Frank Jasper, OFM, talks about the many ways Franciscan Media helps spread the Gospel in...

How Our Friars Share the Spirit of Saint Francis

by Franciscan Media on 1/26/18 7:00 AM


We hear all sorts of statistics about the closing and merging of parishes, the crisis of...

St. Anthony Messenger’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

by Franciscan Media on 12/8/17 7:00 AM

We at St. Anthony Messenger have pulled together a few items not only to help you with your...

A Simple Thanksgiving Prayer

by Franciscan Media on 11/23/17 8:00 AM


Your First Rosary

by Franciscan Media on 9/20/17 7:00 AM

Your grandmother gave it to you for your First Communion. It came in a hinged box just like the...

Franz Jägerstätter: Franciscan Spirit, Saintly Life

by Franciscan Media on 9/4/17 7:00 AM

Perhaps no other event in world history illustrates the depths of human cruelty quite like...

Top Catholic Magazines

by Franciscan Media on 8/25/17 8:10 AM

Founded in 1911, the Catholic Press Association (CPA) of the United States and Canada, according...

The Third Order of Saint Francis: A Note

by Franciscan Media on 8/24/17 7:00 AM

When I was perhaps ten years old my mother and father, devout Catholics who sought a deeper and...

Strong in Faith: Saint Mary Magdalene

by Franciscan Media on 7/22/17 7:00 AM

Many Catholics mistakenly link Mary Magdalene with the “sinful woman” who washed Jesus’ feet...